Premiere: Priscilla launch a new chapter with their new song, Dance Through The Night

Premiere: Priscilla launch a new chapter with their new song, Dance Through The Night

After a two-year period of quietness, the Perth-based act returns with a dizzying - and powerful - new song.

Like many others, Priscilla's last few years have proved to be a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences.

The Perth-based electronic act (comprised of Priscilla Gardner and Luke Minness) forged a new identity as an outfit in 2019,, sharing a transformative single titled Circles - a song about representation in the LGBTQI+ community - and eyeing off a blooming period to follow, only to be caught up in everything that's happened to the world over the last two years.

Although Perth has largely guided clear of strenuous lockdowns, the career pause inspired a moment of reflection and personal evolution for Priscilla, with the songwriting that followed pulling back the layers of Priscilla and the world around them, unveiling someone coming out the other side more in-tune not just with themselves, but with their community and surroundings - the trials and tribulations affecting them and everyone in their growing, tight-knit circles.

Dance Through The Night is the first song Priscilla has put out since the release of Circles in 2019, and it's one that showcases this exact sense of in-touch awareness we're speaking of. It's a song that's rich with emotional intelligence and personal growth, witnessing Priscilla evolve from their experiences through heart-gripping lyricism and dynamic instrumentation; guiding one through a period of continued perseverance with music that feels invigorated from doing so, reaching new heights with a sense of confidence and glory that often follows from hardship.

"It’s about accepting and validating that it’s ok to feel frustrated and defeated if it hasn’t come together in the way you hope for just yet, and that sometimes finding joy with the one/s you love (if you’re able to), can provide a little reprieve for a while," Priscilla says on the single. "(This song) is about finding the determination to keep working towards the life you want, even when it feels like all hope is lost."

Written in 2020, it's a song that's seemingly grown more potent as they've sat on it; its lyrics becoming more and more evident in Priscilla's continued evolution even since writing the song. "I started thinking about missed opportunities- something pretty close to the surface in the current climate," they continue. "While the song isn’t about this in particular, these thought processes turned to the feelings of grief and loss that can occur when you realise who you are later on in life. Those feelings of mourning the moments you never had a chance to experience; like being able to take who you want to take to the school ball and dress the way that affirms you."

It's something that ties into a prom being thrown to celebrate the single's release, which launches Dance Through The Night at The Rechabite on Saturday, October 16th. You can find more information on that show here, and take a listen to Dance Through The Night below, as it premieres on Pilerats ahead of its official release tomorrow, October 8th.

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