Meet Priscilla, a new Perth duo bringing sweet electro-pop on debut single You've Faded

Meet Priscilla, a new Perth duo bringing sweet electro-pop on debut single You've Faded

Their launch party hits the Rosemount Hotel on May 17.

Priscilla is a Perth-based duo that is the combined powers of Luke Minness and Priscilla Gardner, who together are set to make some sweet indie/electronic-pop if debut single You've Faded is anything to go by. Citing the likes of Bjork, David Bowie and Kimbra as influences/reference points, it's a fun, breezy sound that still manages to pack a punch. We sent 'em a few questions to find out a little more, listen to the single and read up on 'em below:

Tell us about about yourselves?

Well, it’s that classic tragic love story. Two jazz muso’s meet at university, and fall hard…for dreamy synths and gritty beats. I studied jazz vocals, Luke did saxophone and we put on gigs together but there was always something missing; even after making Little Dragon covers and binge-watching Stranger Things, the music just wasn’t enough. Realising we are pretty much the same person, we went into the writing room for 12 months and discovered we had something special.

What kinda tunes we talkin'?

To be honest, we’re still figuring that out for ourselves… But we’ve asked a few friends and we’ve gotten “Electro-pop with a touch of '90s, stuck in an episode of Sick Sad World". "It’s kind of like Kimbra I guess… If I was into that sort of thing." But we prefer not to be tied down by labels, it's 2018 legends.

Can you tell us about your new single, You’ve Faded?

You’ve Faded is our self-released debut single from an upcoming EP. It tells the feelings of drifting away from important people. Hindsight is a powerful thing when you remember those you once couldn’t imagine your life without, and then you realise; they’re now just a memory. They’ve faded, but still the world keeps turning.

Production/writing process?

So we are very hi tec, starting with GarageBand and a Nord in Luke’s North Perth sunroom. There we slogged away for 12 months, until we had a bunch of tunes our mum's would be proud of (Luke’s mum said I was “like Cyndi Lauper”, it went down as being one of the best things that’s ever happened to me). We then flew to Melbourne and worked with producer and synth extraordinaire Lewis Moody from Bec Sandridge and Sex On Toast, who owns all the keyboards. And yes, we tried to use all of them, even an old Roland that went out of tune halfway through each take, sounded so badass.

Then I did a hot couple of vocal tracking days in a Collingwood studio… We say hot because it was literally 38 degrees (what the heck Melbourne?!?), and I was stuck in a closet-sized vocal booth with my shirt over my head to avoid heat exhaustion. The final pieces of the puzzle were boss drummer Gareth Thompson from Sex On Toast tracking drums and some brilliant mixing by Oscar Dawson from Holy Holy! Killer combo hey?!

Upcoming shows?

We’re launching the single at the Rosemount Hotel May 17 in our hometown Perth, WA!

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