Premiere: Priscilla share a twinkling ode to the LGBT+ community with Circles

Premiere: Priscilla share a twinkling ode to the LGBT+ community with Circles

The eclectic Perth electronic duo share a new, intimate single which is thick with personal vulnerability.

Perth-based electronic duo Priscilla are an outfit we've talked about a few times over the past twelve months, with the two-piece quickly becoming known locally for their spiralling synth and their knack for crafting melody-rich electro-pop. It's something they've come to show consistently since their 2018 single You've Faded in a handful of different ways, their work since spanning from quick-paced moments of dizzying synth-pop to those more stripped-back and subtle; their trademark synth reduced a touch in favour of vulnerability and personal lyricism that adds a touch of depth to Priscilla's sound.

In the second half of 2019, fresh from the release of a double A-side Follow / Missing, this is continuing. Their latest single Circles, premiering today ahead of its greater release later this week, sees them reduce the flurry of synth melodies that dazzle in their past work in favour of something that looks inwards, with vocalist Priscilla Gardner taking the centre stage as the twinkling melodies behind them paint a picture of hope, empowerment and representation in the LGBT+ community: a place Priscilla have come to flourish in over the last few years.

"There comes a point in many LGBT journeys where the ability to hide your authentic self comes to a boiling point. When struggling to share my truth with my family and friends, I found myself sitting in a park, alone, writing the lyrics to this song," says Priscilla on the track. "Something I'm realising more and more is the importance of being genuine with my art and being seen. In the past so many artists have empowered me to own my space, and I can only hope that my honesty could have an impact. Even if it is just one person. Having positive representation means so much to us. Not only that, it saves lives."

"Circles is about the importance of finding support and living as your authentic self," they continue. "This song is for the LGBTQIA+ community."

There's a lot more to come, but in the meantime, dive into Circles' empowering message below, and keep an eye on the pairing as they move into a national force-to-watch in the months to come - it's almost inevitable at this point.

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