Introducing: Tabrill

Introducing: Tabrill

Meet the Brissy product gettin' it done.

Tabrill is gun young producer based in Brisbane who's caught our ear of late - first with his own original single Reboot a couple of weeks ago, and more recently his entry into Pile-fave Kuren's remix competition. And given we immensely dug both (plus his work in one of our fave young bands, Yuuca), we decided to get to know the fella a little better:

Tell us about about yourself?

What’s there to say really, I’m yet another bedroom producer hiding their mediocre-at-best looks behind the guise of a ‘mysterious faceless producer.’ I’m also one of those people who decided in high school that dubstep was going to be the be all and end all of music, the magnum opus of all genres, and now is stuck with a moderate ‘dubsteppy’ sounding name. Outside of those two very self deprecating tidbits (don’t worry there will be more to come) I also play in a band or two up here around Brisboner, home of the Brown Snake.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

I know this answer has been rattled off by every man and his music-producing dog, but I just try to make music I like to listen to. Although because of that I tend to be a bit sporadic with my vibe.

One week I may be digging some dark, timbre-rich electronica and the next I might be really feeling some more Wave Racer sounding stuff. Then there are the weeks where I listen to nothing but guitar-based shoegaze... luckily that’s where other projects comes in. Of course a lot of this music never sees the light of day, but if I make something particularly tasty I’m compelled to share it.

Production/writing process:

I honestly have the worst writing process. Well, most time consuming anyway. So I will usually start out with one idea, be it just a hook or even just a sound. I’ll do all the sound design, right all these melodies and pretty much write a full fledged song. At times that can be a few days work right there. But then magically I’ll just hate it. I can’t explain it really. I will always hate the first version of any song I write. So then I kind of rewrite/remix my own song, carrying over a few ideas or synths to the new track. This process can happen multiple times in one song. My Kuren remix for example took about five iterations before I came to what would be the final version. It’s obviously not the best writing process, but for me it seems to work.

What do you do outside of this project?

“oi not much aye” As I mentioned before I play in a band to fill the fuzz-riddled guitar shaped hole in my heart. I’m the bassist and producer of Yuuca (Puke-ah), the band that takes excessive reverb to its logical conclusion. While electronic music will always be my focus, sometimes you just gotta sink a few tinnies with your mates and strum your sads away.

Any shows coming up?

I don’t have any planned just yet as I’m still coming to grips with the emotional rollercoaster that was watching my laptop slowly die in my arms. But once I’ve overcome that (bought a new one) I look forward to exposing everyone to particular brand of uncoordinated yet enthusiastic dancing.

And releases?

If you keep your ears to the ground you might come across another single by me in the coming month or so. But then again, I might wake up tomorrow and hate it. But let’s hope not though, hey?

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Well I very much am looking forward to the continuation of being a human slug that never leaves their computer. But musically, I’m planning on releasing as much music as possible and maybe even showing face (GASP) at a few shows. Yo riverstage HMU.

Where can we hear more of your music?

If you’re starting to get the shakes and need your hit of Tabrill nonsense you can find all of my music on SOUNDCLOUD. But if you’re like me and are preparing for Soundcloud’s inevitable demise (RIP) you can also find a few gems on *insert your favourite streaming service here*.

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