Interview: Living the best possible life with mayhem of mischief, FISHER

Interview: Living the best possible life with mayhem of mischief, FISHER

Releasing tunes and playing festivals with Dirtybird Records is just the beginning.

Header photo by Matsu Photography at Listen Out Perth.

This interview was originally completed at the start of the year - we just realised we never published it and given he's just joined the ORIGIN FIELDS lineup, figured it's worth getting out there.

When we talk about big years for Aussie artists abroad, it's hard to go past DJ/producer/hellman FISHER. The former pro-surfer and one half of house music deviants Cut Snake has taken things to another level with his solo moniker this year following the release of huge breakout track, YA KIDDING, and following it up with the track every fucker has requested since, Losing It. Since its release he's been wholeheartedly embraced by the influential Dirtybird Records crew (Claude Von Stroke etc.), and just recently tore Aussie crowds a new one on the full Listen Out tour.

Indeed, FISHER's time is absolutely now, get a little look behind the man below:

Releasing with the crew at Dirtybird is huge man, how’d it come about and what’s been like working with them?

Yeah it's mental!!! Mate I've been hanging with Justin Martin on the road a bunch over the years and we just got along like a house on fire, he is a funny fucker. I gave Justin YA KIDDING to test out for me in Miami and the next week it was signed so that's how that came about. The Dirtybird gang are all amazing from Claude to Grillson who is their BBQ man on the road haha and the list goes on, working with those guys is a dream!

It looks like you’ve been playing some huge shows, what have been the highlights?

All the festivals and shows have been epic. Crssd fest and the DirtyBird campout were two highlights for me - I had a lot of my friends at Crssd and so that always makes it special 'cause once you get off the decks it's game over hahaha. The campout was incredible the energy for my set there was one of the best I have had everyone just having a ball and plain straight LIVING.

You’ve been playing some big shows overseas, but we’re curious as to what your take on the house/tech scene down in Australia is?

Australia is fun! There is some great festivals getting around and they always seem to have some really cool underground acts coming in from all over the place to play and a lot of young crew love to get amongst it which is amazing.

Let’s talk about memes – you’re obviously a pretty funny bastard – how do you work that into the FISHER project so that it feels organic, and not just posting dumb shit to get cheap likes (as some other DJs who we won’t name try and do)?

I don’t really have a plan with that stuff - if me and my mates are doing something that cracks me up I'll film it and wack it up, or if I find something funny I'll film it and share it. I really just love filming and making vids! My socials are for me to look back at shit that I did sometimes and have a cack, I don’t really take it too serious.

fisher naked

Having a cack at Your Paradise Fiji last year.

Now that you’re an internationally touring - and fucking busy - DJ, have you had much chance to get a wave lately – if so where abouts?

Yes - waves have been super fun at home here in Sydney so I've been going most days lately, this time of the year in Oz is all time ya can't really beat it.


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