Old Man Yells At Crowd: Stop Requesting Fisher I’ve Already Played It

Old Man Yells At Crowd: Stop Requesting Fisher I’ve Already Played It

And I’m probably gonna play a different one later so chill out.

Welcome to a new column called Old Man Yells At Crowd, where an old man yells about stuff in the music industry that he either doesn’t understand, or actively chooses not to understand, instead word-vomitting about it on the Internet 'cause he's bored or hungover.

Australia is in the grips of a massive tech-house (or whatever you want to argue the genre is over a cuttly glasses of nosé at 4 in the morning) moment right now, and it’s largely thanks to that lovable larrikin, Fisher. Indeed, the former pro surfer/Instagram funny guy/dancefloor bomb-dropper has thrust house to the mainstream conscious of Australian music, and look, I’m here for it.

Through a very cleverly crafted campaign that basically involves footage from the DJ booth of tunes not yet released (refreshingly just on phone and not professionally filmed with a countdown/shaky as fuck ~JAUZ~), and a man in a busdriver’s cap flicking his wrist, we cannot get enough of the big fish.

Sure the tunes he's popping out are good fun, but they're not reinventing the wheel - it’s just the perfect storm of a bloke people love, reps from some of the biggest players in the scene, and an audience hungry for drops in a post-trap era. And as someone who loves DJing 4x4 shit but spends 90% of the time playing anything but, it’s actually great that punters on your average, every day run of the mill mainstream nightclub d-floor want to hear some house music.

So believe me, when you thrust your phone screen up to my face while I’m DJing with PLAY SOME FISHER! on it in one hand while weirdly flicking your wrist with the other, know that I’m way the fuck ahead of ya. Chances are I’ve already played it and you were too cooked to even realise, but rest assured if I did, I’ll probably just play a different one later on, so hold onto your jaw buster brown.

How long this will last, who knows, and whether or not it spurs people on to actually explore the genre outside of @FOLLOWTHEFISHTV remains to be seen, but we can only hope. The underground house scene, while it has always fervently bubbled away over here, may get a few new punters with an enhanced appreciation for the nuances of house music in all its colourful flavours...

Okay probably not, but let’s just be grateful DJs are copping requests that aren’t just Post fucking Malone, and we’re heading into a brief moment where everyone realises dancing to music, particularly house-based grooves, can be real fun.


PS if you’re planning on commenting something about Chris Lake on this article, save yourself the trouble and go write “WOW I THOUGHT THIS WAS MEANT TO BE SATIRE” on a Betoota headline instead, you insufferable twit.

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