Exclusive: Stream MID CITY's debut EP, Die Waiting, ahead of its release tomorrow

Exclusive: Stream MID CITY's debut EP, Die Waiting, ahead of its release tomorrow

The Melbourne indie-rock four-piece burst out the gates with a perfect introduction to the band, if you're yet to meet.

Over the last two years or so, Melbourne indie-rock four-piece have been solidifying their craft of creating hook-friendly rock music that feels like the next logical step following the rise of some of 2019's most exciting names - Good Doogs, Dear Seattle and so on. With a trio of brilliant singles - last year's Dead Broke Blues and Old Habits, followed by this year's No Surrender - the band have stepped forward as a crew that could easily be the next big thing, taking this explosive, punk-infused energy and injecting it with polish and shine that makes them sound like a band years and years into their career, a substantial feat considering that today, we're only premiering their debut EP.

Die Waiting, streamable below ahead of its official release tomorrow, is a five-track exploration into the many facets of MID CITY and their energetic rock-pop sound, uniting the nostalgic, epic-rock of the mid-00s with a forward-thinking shine that keeps it fresh and exciting. While each track is different and special in its own way, they're all connected by big riffs, catchy hooks, and a rushed energy that doesn't quite let you go until its dying moments, proving relentless as the EP's rhythms and melodies pulse and warp. "It really feels like it's taken forever to get to this point...and it's only EP #1," says the band's lead singer, Joel Griffith, on the EP. "Die Waiting really couldn't have been more apt for us right now. But we're super psyched to finally give people the very first official MID CITY tasting platter and be able to show off a few new tricks we've learnt over a very long but very exciting six months."

"We quietly named Oscar the “Studio Savant” for his ability to unify four differing opinions about a song and deftly steer us to what was actually a way better idea," Joel continues, talking about the EP's recording process with Oscar Dawson of Holy Holy fame - someone well-regarded as Australian indie's songwriting weapon. "He has a natural instinct for knowing what a song needs. For all our stubborn vision for the songs, we had a hard time faulting his left-turn suggestions."

Stream the EP below, ahead of its full release tomorrow.

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