'Who He Is' - An in-depth critical analysis of Shannon Noll's new video clip

'Who He Is' - An in-depth critical analysis of Shannon Noll's new video clip

Nollsie is back, time to jump in his ute, shutup and drive in the clip for Who I Am.

A few weeks ago robbed Australian Idol runner up, true blue Ozzie hero, and champion of the Australian people, Shannon Noll released his first new original tack in a while, Who I Am. An absolute bloody call to arms, it's Nollsie throwing a big old 'Hey how ya goin'?' to the people of Australia, who've spent the past 18 months turning him into arguably Australia's most culturally significant meme.

At the time the single came with a nifty little lyric video, featuring a beast of a CGI ute and some cleverly placed road signs, but today we've been gifted to the actual video clip, which is an absolute pearler. It stirred our loins so strongly, with so much Australiana goodness, that it deserves to be cherished far more in-depth than just a casual viewing.

So for your pleasure, and more so our own, here's an in-depth critical analysis of one of the year's most Aussie video clips:

nollsie video 21

The scene is set with a moody opening shot which suggests this could either be a story about the daily struggle of life as a farmer or Wolf Creek 3.

nollsie video 01


nollsie video 02

Shannon Noll? More like Shannon Swoll amirite? (haha you're invested now and there's plenty more of this shit to come dw)

He also kinda looks like a country version of brooding Bruce Wayne here.

nollsie video 03

Just a windmill glistening in the sun, right? Look closer.

nollsie video 2

BAM, there it is. The Southern Cross on the windmill is what we filmmaking types like to call, "foreshadowing", even if it's only half a second before the reveal.

nollsie video 04

Shannon "I did not come here to fuck spiders" Noll, ladies and gentlemen.

nollsie video 05

Any fears that the CGI beast of a ute in the lyric video wouldn't be returning are quickly squashed, and this time, it's real.

nollsie video 06

If you make a video clip in 2016 and it doesn't feature at least one drone shot, did you ever really make that video clip?

nollsie video 07

"Do a sickcunt ya burnout."

nollsie video 08

The driver definitely veered off into the greenery here, but the editing work is pretty schmick.

nollsie video 09

Fucking. Straya.

nollsie video 10

What has two thumbs and is nailing this video clip right now?

nollsie video 11

Nollsie proceeds to pick up three attractive young people waiting on the side of the road. If this actually does end up being some kind of riff on Wolf Creek it's going to be great.

They also jump in the back of his ute and he drives off, which as far as I can tell is at best highly illegal, at worst super fucking dangerous.

nollsie video 23

Actual rodeo footage.

nollsie video 12

"Do a sickcunt ya burnout."

nollsie video 13

Shannon "I am just fucking stoked to be here" Noll.

He also approves of that burnout.

nollsie video 14

"The vinegar stroke."

nollsie video 15

"Alright cunts, we've had a fun day, but I need to get in the fucking zone."

nollsie video 16

His three young cohorts rudely barge their way through a crowd to get to the front for his set. Like, ffs, we've been here all afternoon waiting for this moment and you just come charging through at the last minute.

Turns out these attractive young people were the real villians of Wolf Creek 3: Deni Ute Knife-Thruster.

nollsie video 17

"Are you fucking serious? We sat through a two hour fucking Kasey Chambers set to get poll positoin for Nollsie and you just stroll through at the last minute." - Girl to the left, probably.

"I pissed in two VB cans while we were waiting just to hold this fucking spot." - Girl to the right, probably.

nollsie video 18

Game face. Time to open this pit up.

nollsie video 19

"That second pinger is coming on way faster than I anticipated but I am feeling this."

nollsie video 20


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