Premiere: meadowhip - Over

Premiere: meadowhip - Over

Take an early listen to the latest dreamy single lifted from the solo project's debut EP.

From Wollongong, New South Wales comes a singer-songwriter-poet by the name Cara Walkman, who after a hemorrhagic stroke in 2019 decided to pursue every created facet of her life, including making as much music as she can under the alias of meadowhip. Navigating this transitional period of self and love through her soulful alt r&b sounds, she announces her debut EP Ruckus, giving us a dreamy taste with the premiere of its leading single Over

With a staggering beat and wobbly yet precise guitar strums, layers upon layers of airy harmonies drift around meadowhip’s silky smooth vocal melodies as Over’s lyrics unpacks overcoming overwhelming situations and challenges. Cara shares “After several months of intense recovery, I started finding clarity. I took stock of my life and, amongst other things, I realised that I couldn't ever be truly happy unless I committed fully to living creatively as  a songwriter, performer, recording artist and poet. It's not an easy commitment - in fact, it’s damn challenging - but I know that the alternative would be intolerable."

With the full 6-track EP out November 29th, be sure to get across meadowhip with an early listen to her stunning lead single Over below. 

meadowhip's debut EP Ruckus is out November 29th.

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