Electric Feels: Our fave new electronic tunes this week

Electric Feels: Our fave new electronic tunes this week

Includes brand spankin' new releases from Left., Young Franco and Qrion.

It’s Monday and life is tough – we get it. Your post-Splendour blues are coming in strong (or if you didn't attend, you're exhausted from the amount of FOMO you've experienced across the weekend), you’ve just poured your 4th cup of coffee, re-scrolled through your Facebook feed for the third time and you’ve no doubt had a mini-heart attack googling if you’re going to OD from the one too many Nurofens you’ve taken to combat that pounding post-bender come down. Whilst our weekly playlist of moody, chilled-out electronica might’ve felt more comfortable - providing some solid tunes to wallow in your own self-pity to - we decided a change of pace might be better off. By taking some of these gloomy, down-tempo jams and injecting them with a couple of upbeat bangers, we hope to you up and back on your feet in no time, but still allowing time to grieve over the weekend just gone.

Left. - Slow Release

Last year saw Sydney electronic duo Left. launch onto our radars with Heart Shaped Vein, a hypnotic sophomore EP that charmed us with its soulful undertones and self-assurance. Although April's anti-domestic violence 'jam with a message' No Way brought new, emotionally-charged work from the duo, it didn't quite fill the Left.-filled gap in our hearts since the release of Heart Shaped Vein - a gap that has now filled the slightest bit more with the release of Slow Release, a new single. Much like the production of No WaySlow Release is a bubbly release brimming with energy and excitement, with the vocals of Left.'s powerful frontwoman Sarah Corry soaring above a plucked synth melody, that grooves amongst airy percussion claps and drum work. It's another pure-class release from the Sydneysiders, with the duo picking up where they left off in terms of the consistency of their work, which is definitely a good thing considering the time between singles. Like 'em on FACEBOOK, why don't ya?

La Soülchyld - Chapter V: Being You

Released as a part of his five-track Chapters of the Soul EP, Chapter V: Being You sees us travel all the way to the east-African country of Rwanda to meet La Soülchyld, a truly remarkable 19-year-old producer who we're seriously digging. Sporting guest features from American newcomer Jordo and London-based collective-leader Kage Otim, Chapter V: Being You is packed full of soul and love, with a piano-infused, bass-soaked production swirling thumping under light vocal work, which is quite constrained in comparison to the production on the single. That being said, the vocals add a clever layer onto the single that I feel without it, would leave the song feeling quite empty and lacking. Whilst I think he's yet to move into the realm of Facebook, you can follow him on SOUNDCLOUD instead.

Pat Lok - My Own Throne (Young Franco Remix)

Young Franco has been the source for a tonne of disco-house bangers throughout the past few years, with the Brisbane young-gun most recently teaming up with DiRTY RADiO for the seriously addictive single Drop Your Love. Whilst his new single fo Pat Lok's My Own Throne doesn't quite have the same energy as the piano-laden thumper Drop Your Love, it still manages to pack a punch in its four minutes of length. Opening with a bouncy, vocal-driven verse, Young Franco's My Own Throne re-do picks up around the one-minute mark, with Franco adding a funky, disco-tinged house beat to vocal segments from the original. It's got a lush, playful groove to it, possibly sourced from that finely-calibrated, funky bassline, which I'm really hoping Young Franco keeps in his future records. Like him on FACEBOOK, where you'll also find deets on some upcoming tour dates (Harbourlife, anyone?)

Manila Killa - Youth feat. SATICA (Qrion Remix)

Having just wrapped up an Australian tour with the VB-sporting legend L D R U, the Australian love for Manila Killa is at an all-time high. Last month saw the young producer follow up his addictive debut original All That's Left with Youth, an equally satisfying piece of work with summer-soaked, glistening vibes spread throughout and this week, having sat on the track for a minute now, the official remix pack arrived. Of them, I'm particularly liking the take on the track from US-via-Japan producer Qrion. Having worked with artists including Ryan Hemsworth in the past, I'm no stranger to Qrion's productions, but for some reason, they always seem to be overlooked whilst I'm scrolling through my Soundcloud. Noting this, I paid particular attention to checking out her Youth remix and it's seriously impressive, with the producer building a ringing, dreamy touch sound, based on the original's vocal work. It comes as the producer gears up for a full-length album, which is expected further on into the year. Keep up to date on her FACEBOOK, and also be sure to check out k?d's remix of the track for those heavy, synth-soaked, Porter Robinson vibes.

Tim Suby - K Goodnight feat. Jessie Reyez

An exhilarating debut release can be really beneficial for an artist, setting them up for what is usually a career full of popular tunes (just look at Flume's Sleepless). Tim Suby's debut track K Goodnight ticks all the boxes a good debut should have, teaming up with Jessie Reyez for a bubbly, stylish track to kick things off. Jessie Reyez's opening verse sets a tone for things to come, sort of like Tove Lo's feature in Flume's Say It (yes, another Flume example) - with her playful, feel-good vocals opening the track on a solid note. When Suby's production comes in, however, the track really takes it up a notch. K Goodnight's bubbly synth melodies pop amongst syncopated percussion claps and vocal samples, which combine to give the track a really energetic, playful record that's seriously impressive. This seems like another example where the artist is yet to join us on Facebook, however, you can give him a follow on TWITTER if that's your thing instead.

Flume - Tiny Cities feat. Beck (Headphone Activist Remix)

With Flume just closing Splendour In The Grass with a sensational headline show last night, we would be joking if we said our love of Flume hasn't reignited since the hype died down surrounding his Skin record and what perfect way to feed our love than with remixes. With the release of Skin, it seemed that every producer and his dog were giving remixing ol' mate Flume a crack, with the majority of them totally missing the mark. However, there have been some diamonds shine through the rough, and my latest favourite comes courtesy of American producer Headphone Activist and his take on the Beck-featuring Tiny Cities. When remixing Flume, you may be inclined to go straight down the banger route, but what I love about Headphone Activist's take on Tiny Cities is that he does the complete opposite, actually opening up the track and creating quite a euphoric, ambient vibe with it. The remix is based on a vocal cut from Beck's original line, which the producer layers over a heavy bass melody, which throbs underneath a captivating, soaring synth melody that'll leave you hooked from the minute it punches. It's remarkably clever and a road most people would definitely not take when remixing Flume as it's quite a dangerous route, but it works for Headphone Activist, and it works bloody well. Like him on FACEBOOK.

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