Premiere: Kim Churchill unveils his charming, shimmering new EP, The End

Premiere: Kim Churchill unveils his charming, shimmering new EP, The End

It's the Australian musician's third chapter of releases written around the world, with this EP recorded in the Blue Mountains.

Fans of Kim Churchill would know that he's been keeping remarkably busy over the last few years. Ever since his 2017 Weight_Falls record made him an act synonymous with the beauty of Australia's folk world, the long-time favourite has kept busy touring (well, until this year), writing material across the world as he travels and plucking influence and inspiration from the many places he's visited over the last few years. They form the basis of a four-part series of EPs that have dotted the last two years, each capturing Kim Churchill and his headspace in a different location, soundtracked by different facets of his soothing, folk sound.

The first part came in the form of I AM, a seven-track release recorded in the heart of Berlin, amidst a European tour. The second, came later last year in FORGETTING, a potent six tracks recorded on Vancouver Island, Canada. Now, comes the third chapter in the release, with The End - recorded in Australia's picturesque Blue Mountains - premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its greater release tomorrow, November 20th.

Recorded earlier in the year, The End sees Kim Churchill's music reach a new level of potency, stirring with six tracks of cathartic indie-folk that give the opportunity for Kim Churchill to reflect on his life, and the changes happening not just internally within his own life, but in the world around him too. Take the EP-leading The Summer, for example; a larger-than-life moment that stands out from Kim Churchill's discography not just in the layering of sounds, but also in its cathartic energy: "The song, though dealing with the way all in which we love can fade in the bright sun of life, also has a cathartic quality," he says. "Sometimes we must take responsibility for life abruptly and shocking changes and something in the band feel allowed me to express this cathartic mood."

It's a statement that seems to be synonymous across the entire EP; Kim Churchill using the songwriting experience as an opportunity for self-reflection and introspectiveness, which in turn, reflects in the intimacy of the EP's six tracks. Outta Love provides another example, using subtle melodies and rich lyricism to dissect the feelings that came towards a relationship's end, depicting the argument with himself to end a relationship. Like You Now exists in a similar space, while Stormy. - by far the EP's most grand and climactic moment - brings a moment that ties everything together, his words reflecting the roughness of the storm that proves inspirational to the song's writing.

"The End is the third instalment from my 4-part EP series and marks a very cathartic moment in its trajectory," he says on the EP. "The songs were inspired by a moment of cataclysmic change in my life and for some odd reason I felt really drawn to the sheer cliffs and ridges of the Blue Mountains to bring those heart stopping feelings into reality. We recorded and wrote a lot of the music on the edge of ravines looking down too far away towns and valleys. Then, unexpectedly, it all kind of gently bloomed into existence in this wonderful studio in the rainforest that gave me a beautiful sense of calm and perspective to record within."

It's a brilliant, heart-rich release that captures Kim Churchill at his most brilliant and thoughtful, and you can take a dive into it below, as it premieres on Pilerats ahead of its release tomorrow:

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