Track By Track: Baby Blue takes us through her dreamy new EP, Do What You Like

Track By Track: Baby Blue takes us through her dreamy new EP, Do What You Like

It drops this Friday, with a bunch of shows coming up in July to celebrate.

It feels like only a minute since we premiered the very rad video clip for Baby Blue's single Soccer Ball, yet here we are some 9 months later and her sophomore EP Do What You Like is about to drop. Led by wonderfully honest frontwoman Rhea Caldwell, the five-track EP is a masterclass in earnest storytelling, set to an effervescent blend of garage- and indie-pop sounds that go down smoothly in any situation.

We're stoked she sent us this awesome track by track for the EP, which you can check out while listening to it below (just click anywhere on the embed to get it started):

I Like You

A song about liking someone that doesn't like you back and wondering why you feel like apologising for it. I wrote it about someone I had a crush on in Melbourne that was sending mixed signals and then retracted completely.

Big Picture

I wrote Big Picture after a phone call I had with my mum. She was talking me out of a stress bubble I was stuck in. The moral of what she was saying to me was to stop freaking out about all of the big stuff in life and to slow down and enjoy all the little things along the way. I wrote this song as a reminder to myself and hopefully a helpful message to others.

Dream Life

This one falls in the "forbidden lust" category. I think it speaks for itself but basically that feeling where you and another person have some strong chemistry but you're not allowed or supposed to due to social constraints. This song is about all of the tumultuous feelings that come with that forbidden lust.

Snakes And Ladders

A slightly aggressive song about someone who hasn't been very kind to me over the last few years. I think I wrote it at the point where they started being nice to me but only when it suited them. This is the kind of person who will see you talking to someone they want to talk to and will come over and be nice just to get to the person you were talking to. I always feel like this particularly person is trying to climb social ladders around me (little do they know I don't have very much pull! haha) and when they're doing it I feel rotten about it but I can't be bothered with the drama of saying anything to their face... so I wrote this song instead (classic).

Fire And Ice

I was staying at my mother's house in Lennox Head thinking a lot about how the world is on its way to destroying humans through climate change and how my relationship at the time was falling apart. I started strumming a chord hynotically and went from there. I find solace in the fact that nothing is permanent... Everything ends so do what you like with your life.


Sat 9 Jun - The Grace Darling, Melbourne w/ Great Earthquake

Fri 6 Jul - The Curtin Hotel, Melbourne w/ The Ocean Party & Emilee South (EP LAUNCH)

Thu 12 Jul - Workers Club, Melbourne w/ Hatchie

Fri 13 Jul - Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine w/ Georgia Spain

Sat 14 Jul - Exter Hotel, Adelaide w/ Bree Tranter & Quivers

Fri 19 Jul - Marly Bar, Sydney

Sat 20 Jul - Rad Bar, Wollongong w/ Classic & Bored Shorts

Sat 4 August - The Eastern, Ballarat w/ Cool Sounds & Seagull

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