Premiere: DROVES unveil the unsettling video clip to their latest single, Trash

Premiere: DROVES unveil the unsettling video clip to their latest single, Trash

The Sydney-via-Wollongong group share the video amidst an east-coast tour, with dates in Sydney and Melbourne still to come.

Header image by Teel Studios.

If Sydney-based five-piece DROVES aren't an act on your radar, then you're going to want to catch up to speed pretty damn quickly. The formerly-Wollongong-based group initially made a splash with their debut single Retribution back in 2019, which introduced their catchy alt-rock sound that on the live stage, soon blossomed into a New South Wales favourite. Even with all the tribulations of last year, DROVES pressed forward, releasing a breakthrough single in Cannibals that saw the band begin to take off internationally, all while putting their heads down and beginning work on new material.

In 2021, that new material has been quick to float to the surface, and in addition to being some of the best stuff DROVES have put out thus far, it's also amongst some of the best stuff being made from the city's next generation of indie-rock full-stop; ViewTime and the most recent single Trash showing different edges to the quintet as they emerge a versatile and strong-sounding addition as live stages return once again.

Trash, which came out at the end of April, proves exactly what we're talking about. It's a single that adds yet another notch to DROVES' musical belt, taking this punk-y energy and combining it with a stomping dance pace that attempts to fill the gaps between dance-rock heavyweights from the past and the more forward-thinking bedroom-indie/post-punk-esque acts becoming known today; Trash being a single that seems to embrace nostalgia and creativity within the same three-odd minutes.

"Trash is the song that we've always wanted to write - a post-punk incantation about being your true self while being completely unapologetic about it," says the band's vocalist Phillip Spiteri on the single. "We wrote the song with the intention to hold suspense through the verse with a punk start that would break into a dance chorus and give the impression that this is a celebration."

Today, we welcome the arrival of the single's official video clip, which taps into the energy of the song and adds this kinda haunting, dark-lit edge to its sound. Directed by Tom Fletcher and Liam Mahoney of Sydney's TEEL Studios, the video clip is a frenzy of shots that together, give this almost-whiplash-like sensation as the band's members move into centre frame; the hazy and jagged shots - with the addition of the white roses - creating this kind-of off-kilter and unsettling feeling which is difficult to explain, but somehow manages to fit perfectly within the song's pacing and thriving energy.

The clip arrives amongst an east coast headline tour for the band, with dates in Sydney and Melbourne still to come. You can find those dates below, but in the meantime, watch the video clip to Trash below, as it premieres on Pilerats today:

Tour Dates: 

June 26th - Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
July 2nd - Bar Open, Melbourne


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