Track x Track: Stevan - Loners Club

Track x Track: Stevan - Loners Club

Ahead of supporting MAY-A in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane next month, multi-disciplinary artist and producer takes us through his diverse new EP

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After a huge 2022 that saw the release of three singles, and keeping that momentum coming into 2023 as he teased his new EP, singer, songwriter, musician and producer Stevan has unleashed the diverse sounds of Loners Club.

Continuing to evolve his sound on new EP, Loners Club sees Stevan experiment with indie rock & pop, r&b and disco/dance music influences effortlessly across six tracks, resulting in cuts that will make you nod your head and move your feet involuntarily as shimmering guitars meet driving drums and groovy basslines.

Speaking on the EP, Stevan explains “When I was making the EP I think I was searching for something. Through the production and songwriting and also self-expression. These songs came together as I was working through a lot of personal stuff. And I want my fans to see the growth both as a producer and a songwriter.”

With Loners Club out today, Stevan was kind enough to take us through it track by track - have a listen and get to know, and see below for his upcoming tour dates supporting MAY-A.


This song is just basically about where I was  mentally and emotionally at the beginning of 2022. I was listening to a lot of Tame Impala at the time so the drum beats are heavily influenced by the Liberian sound and so are the guitars. Yeah it was good fun to make and I really love that B section.


I’m a big fan of this manga, called Dorohedoro and the main character is a dude with a lizard head. I think subconsciously I might have been influenced by that. I produced this one in a share house I was living in with a few mates. We were living above a mechanic store and they used to complain about the noise all the time haha. But I think they liked this one because I’d heard them humming the main melody.


This track is the oldest song on the EP. I made it just after I came back from touring with the Rubens. It’s about how I felt after that tour alone but focused on my music. I wrote the last verse this year. I came full circle. I think the other verses are braggadocious and funny. But the last one is an honest take on how I feel most of the time. Chasing this goal can be isolating and that feeling has only gotten more intense as I’ve gotten older.


I got inspired by Steve Lacy on this song, because of how many Memes were popping up about the Emo voice on bad habits. So I thought hey I can do this but I’m just gonna turn it up. I’m not sure if it really comes across as an Emo voice, but I did my best. I think this track is a banger and I had good fun with it.


Huge Blonde influence on this one shoutout to Frankie Ocean. This track is about feeling like I’d lost my way within the personal setbacks, career setbacks etc. and trying again, giving it one more chance and stepping up to the challenges ahead.


This track is about someone who became very special to me and yeah, just not wanting them to leave.  wanting to have them around but circumstances not allowing that to be the case. It’s probably my favourite song on the EP.

          - Stevan, July 2023

Stevan's new EP Loners Club is out now via Purple Phase / Warner Music Australia

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Thursday 3 August – Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW

Friday 4 August – Metro Theatre, Sydney NSW *SOLD OUT*

Thursday 10 August – 170 Rusell, Melbourne VIC

Saturday 19 August – The Triffid, Brisbane QLD *SOLD OUT*

Sunday 20 August – The Triffid, Brisbane QLD

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