Premiere: People Taking Pictures get a coat of paint for the Paint Me In Colours video

Premiere: People Taking Pictures get a coat of paint for the Paint Me In Colours video

People Taking Pictures - the side project of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets' Luke Parish - shares the POW! Negro-featuring track as a taste of his next album.

Even if you aren't familiar with the project name People Taking Pictures, there's a sure-chance you're familiar with the person behind it. Launched with its debut single Adventure Shit last year, it's the solo project of Psychedelic Porn Crumpets' Luke Parish, who uses it as a place of creative release without the boundaries of the Perth-based outfit (who have been quick to develop a cult audience, spread across the world) and a source of personal collaboration and experimentation, often enlisting friends including Ben Caddy - who arranges strings on multiple Porn Crumpets releases from the past - and SUPEREGO's Nelson Mondlane (as POW! Negro).

In January this year, People Taking Pictures' debut album Informative Noise gave an introduction to what to expect from a solo project from the Porn Crumpets guitarist, and beyond that, also gave an inkling into his creative process and the experimentalism that has become core to Parish, whether it be as a band member or as a solo musician. Held down by a backbone drenched in psychedelica, the record explored the intersections of indie-rock with hip-hop, pop and beyond; Parish's instrumentals often being sprawling journeys that would layer and layer itself, growing with aid by POW! Negro in many of the record's key moments.

Back at the start of September, People Taking Pictures re-linked up with POW! Negro for the first taste of the project's second album, Paint Me In Colours. It was a creative embrace of the Parish's versatility and how he's able to switch from the heavier, more commanding sounds that have defined Psychedelic Porn Crumpets' glow-up to the bursts of experimentalism that seemingly holds down the first taste of what's next, furthering that collaborative edge with Nelson as he moves between these gentle, almost ambient-like harmonies through to crashing verses which move with an abrasiveness that really captures your attention.

"I guess when constructing this track my idea was to kind of represent an altered state of consciousness and have those stages of fear and anxiety blended with an overall sense of release, I wanted to really contrast the sound between sections but have them somehow meld together seamlessly in one body of work and Nelly (Pow! Negro) just had the perfect flow to contrast the softer vocal harmonies," says Luke on the track; that blend of softer melodies and pacing, fierce verses being something that Parish somehow moulds into one - despite how far removed they are from one another on paper.

"It's about life-changing experiences and allowing yourself to truly embrace and feel emotions," continues Nelson. "Blasting away all the calcification of repressed built up emotions and atoning with them to liberate yourself so you can keep making the most of the present. Looking at your experiences in life like paint, colours added to the canvas of who you are. Even though you may not always be able to see these colours, they’re always with you and keep getting added to constantly. At the end of living what wildly intricate works of art we all are."

Today, however, we're premiering the single's official clip, worked on by Luke Parish with Captura Obscura. It's a colourful clip that takes the song's name - Paint Me In Colours - quite literally, with Luke and Nelson being drenched with paint as they move through the song. It's simple, but it works perfectly; the clip aligning itself pretty brilliantly with the song title (of course), but also with the boldness of the song's musical palette, right down to the psychedelic twists that sit in the background of Luke and Nelson (which again, works with the psychedelic core of the song).

It's a real fun time and it's the first taste of People Taking Pictures' new record Allergic to Silence, out sometime soon. There'll be more details about the record to come, but in the meantime, take a dive into Paint Me In Colours' video clip below as it premieres on Pilerats now:

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