Ziggy Alberts' new song is a quietly anti-vax, anti-5G anthem no-one asked for

Ziggy Alberts' new song is a quietly anti-vax, anti-5G anthem no-one asked for

The New South Wales musician's latest single - and recent social media posts - are disappointing, in a time where it means so much.

In the past few months, there's an odd chance you've seen some wild anti-vaccination and anti-5G posts going around. Spurred by the coronavirus pandemic, many have used the opportunity as a chance to spread anti-5G and vaccination conspiracy theories around in a time when the exact opposite are needed more than ever (in the US, for example, a strong proportion of the population still believe that face masks are a detriment, despite over 2.5 million coronavirus cases in the country over the last few months), whether it's continuing to push against vaccinations that prevent this exact thing from happening on a yearly basis, or the long-shot reaches that 5G in fact caused the virus, due to apparent facts that the release of 5G occurred simultaneous to coronavirus' beginning.

In the past six months, a lot - and we mean a lot - of celebrities have come forward to support and spread these conspiracy theories (among others) to their platforms, choosing to utilise the large communities that look up to them as pawns in a conspiracy game, rather than telling people how to keep safe and healthy amidst the pandemic, which seems a lot more needed right now versus anything else.

Enter right of frame Ziggy Alberts, the New South Wales musician has turned into somewhat of an indie-folk darling of the Australian music world over the last twelve months. On Friday, he shared a delicate new single titled don't get caught up, which in his words, is a "way to express how important it is to stand together through these times." It's fair enough too. Coronavirus is having a massive effect on the health of Australians both physical and mental, as those that don't battle the virus itself battle with its side-effects, from mass-unemployment to isolation and god knows what else.

However, there's a couple of sketchy lyrics in this new Ziggy song that's really caught our eye, and might be worth pointing out. 

"And now they sell immunity too,
In pills and pearls and tax,
All our freedoms subdued.
Can you believe that we are here still arguing
About the right to choose what we put in our bodies?
But you see it’s so easy to do,
When Bill sells it like its facts,
But in fact, it isn't true."

The above is a portion of the single's first verse, and it's incredibly easy to see what we're about to point out. As it turns out, don't get caught up acts as a quiet vessel for somewhat anti-vaccination lyrics, with Ziggy using the opportunity to go on about how they "sell immunity" -  vaccinations - and that apparently "all our freedoms" are "subdued" because of that, which sounds like something you'd read on the internet in the comments of a 7 News post, from someone with no profile picture. "Can you believe that we are here still arguing about the right to choose what we put in our bodies?" 

It doesn't get much better from there:

"What if they,
Called for war?
Nobody came and everybody broke the law,
It wouldn't be so easy to do.
But the law ain’t always right
That's what we learnt in WW2

Big ooft.

"Can you tell me
What’s the cost
For faster connection
What’s exactly the rush?
If it’s safe it’s easy to prove
Just get tests done by someone else
And show us the truth
The truth it isn't easy
The truth it has a cost
The truth is being censored
The truth is I implore, that for me
It’s not easy to do
When I have nothing to win
And have everything to lose."

Then, in the final verse, comes some seemingly 5G-related comments thrown in too: "Can you tell me what’s the cost for faster connection?" He questions, asking about the potential side-effects of 5G - something that's become central to many conspiracies amongst the coronavirus pandemic. 

The single also comes after a couple of similar posts were shared over his Instagram story, as pointed out through people who follow him: 


It's really quite disappointing to see someone with a such a wide, varied platform use it like this, especially as someone quickly becoming representative of the Australian music scene to a global audience.

Do better.

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