Premiere: MINIQ unveil clip for Little Miss No. 1, take us behind-the-scenes

Premiere: MINIQ unveil clip for Little Miss No. 1, take us behind-the-scenes

The Central Coast indie-pop duo launch themselves into the ones to watch category with their debut single.

Header image by April Josie.

After being kept as somewhat of a secret to the New South Wales Central Coast, a few weeks back saw MINIQ be introduced to the world; the indie-pop duo of sisters Isabelle and Dominique Morgan launching themselves head-first into the Australian indie world with their debut single, Little Miss No. 1. It comes following years of refining their craft and building a platform as one of the area's most exciting new additions to the touring circuit, supporting acts like Xavier Rudd and Mama Kin all while working on material expected throughout the next year, with Little Miss No. 1 being a single to kick it all off.

Kick it off it certainly did, too. It's a charming, snapping entrance from the duo which instantly draw comparatives to HAIM's most upbeat work, utilising a sprawling percussion section as a backbone underneath charged-up guitar melodies and the fierceness of vocalist Dominique Morgan, whose vocal moves with the confident swagger of someone like Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme. The single is quick to introduce what to expect from the sisters in the future, and proves one thing the duo seem keen to explore with the project and its moves over the next twelve months: fierce, commanding indie-rock doesn't have to be a boys club, and it's not.

"[It's] something everyone can relate to," explains Dominique on the single, and what drives that passionate vocal. "Everyone knows or has been involved in a one-sided relationship, giving more than you should to someone who doesn’t deserve it."

Today, however, we're premiering the single's official video clip. It further dives upon the single's theme of a one-sided relationship, featuring a character whose seemingly doing everything for their partner, with nothing in reverse. With the story being split in between footage of them performing in the loungeroom of the setting - a friend's house - it also showcases the charm of their live show, and how they're able to bring their sounds to life even in a weirdly awkward music video setting (it's strange playing to no crowd and only cameras, believe us).

"It depicts a familiar scenario that most people have either experienced themselves or witnessed others go through; a one-sided love/relationship," the duo explain on the video, worked on alongside Julian Rich. "We follow the day-to-day life of a young girl who just wants her partner to recognize the love she possesses for him. Majority of the scenes were improvised and decided upon on the day which made the shoot just a whole lotta fun - for example; there is a part where the character is vacuuming her house, she had actually broken something and needed to clean it, so we thought we’d add it in."

It's a great time that really solidifies MINIQ's status as ones to watch in Australian indie-pop, so take a dive into the clip below, alongside some behind-the-scenes images from the shooting of the video:

miniq 12

miniq 13

miniq 14

miniq 15

miniq 1

miniq 2

miniq 3

miniq 4

miniq 5

miniq 6

miniq 7

miniq 8

miniq 9

miniq 10

miniq 11


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