A Simple Guide To Sharehouse Life with West Thebarton Brothel Party

A Simple Guide To Sharehouse Life with West Thebarton Brothel Party

Keeping with the theme of their currently-underway Moving Out tour, West Thebarton Brothel Party give us their top tips for living out of home.

It's a process that everybody has to go through, but moving away from your parents into a sharehouse with your mates never runs quite as smoothly as you would first expect. From the lazy roommate who refuses to throw a couple of dishes into the dishwasher (if you're so lucky) to the inevitable point where you realise you have to learn how to cook because microwaved mee goreng packets are just not going to cut it anymore, it's a tough experience filled with learning curves and scoldings from your landlord. Luckily, however, in celebration of their new video for Moving Out and accompanying Australian tour (remaining dates at the bottom of this article), Adelaide rockers West Thebarton Brothel Party have given us their top tips for moving away from your 'rents into a sharehouse, including some firey-hot tips such as 'don't drunkingly slam someone into a paper-thin wall' and which supermarket's payslips make the best rolling papers for joints.

1. It's a good idea to check how thin your walls are, especially if you plan of body-slamming someone through one:

Remember that most walls are usually paper thin, not rice paper thin, but definitely a couple of sheets of butcher's paper kinda thin. I recall getting really drunk and accidentally suplexing one my old housemates into a wall. I wasn't Stone Cold Steve Austin. I was just a dickhead, who then had to fix up the gyprock before an inspection on the following Tuesdee.

2. Buy one of those stuffed door snake things to reduce the amount of sound coming out from your room:

On the topic of thin walls, buy one of those door snakes that block the gap under your door - it cuts noise down ten-fold. Maybe at your parents' house the thin walls and gaps around the door weren't a problem because you weren't terrified of them hearing you doing whatever teen things you were doing back then... or mid-20s things, if some of my mates are anything to judge by. But remember that NONE of your housos ever want to hear you and your squeeze's sounds of liberated passion coming from under your door.

3. Don't be cheap when it comes to your kitchen:

Don't be a cheapskate - buy more utensils, glasses, pots, pans and plates than you think you need, AND take the hit on washing up sometimes. "Mi casa su casa" actually translates literally as "don't leave the cheese grater in the sink for a week you pig, I live here too". Once we made a HUGE potato and leek soup in our only pot. After about 4 servings each and no bottom of the pot in sight we were over it and that shit sat in the fridge for a week. Waiting for someone to take the hit and wash the thing was the hungriest waiting game I've ever played.

4. Don't let your housemates spend an energy refund on a house vape, no matter how cool you think it is:

We've been having some blackouts in Adelaide lately, as you might have heard. Hard times. People have had their fridge turn off for a couple of hours, some people lost their unsaved progress on GTA. The pollies blamed our renewable energy sector. Some people lost a fair bit of coin because of the blackouts though, so the the energy supplier in SA sent out refunds to like everyone for the inconvenience. If you were to split it, that's about 50 bucks for nothin'. Thanks renewables. That said, under no circumstances should you allow your housos to spend a refund like that on a house vape. If they already did, at least it's battery powered.

5. Payslips from Coles make surprisingly good rolling papers, if you're desperate:

If you've just moved out and you find yourself in that "I can smoke weed whenever I want" phase, it's okay to go with it. Normally I'd say you should stop when you start smoking your paychecks, but Coles payslips make excellent roaches. If your bong's blocked, Uncle Dave's pipe is plugged and the best the housos can do is scrounge enough together for a little Jason Bourne, just turn to Ol' Cole. Not everything makes a good roach, but Ol' Cole has you covered. Those payslips are made of card that's not too thick, not too thin. Rip up a payslip, roll it up, flip it, reverse it and send me a thank you. Actually thank my mate's older sister. What the fuck is everyone gonna do when payslips go digital.

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