Watch: Katy Steele - End Is Near

Watch: Katy Steele - End Is Near

Little Birdy frontwoman releases new solo single of classic pop goodness

Hot on the heels of last single Feel So Bad, Boorloo’s Katy Steele is back with new pop anthem End Is Near alongside a bursting-with-colours music video

Slowing things down a tad from Feel So Bad, End Is Near once again shows Steele’s range, embracing 80s pop sensibilities and production over the alternative rock we’ve heard in the past, with Steele’s distinctive vocals and knack for crafting irresistible melodies shining through.

Katy explains "This song touches on the vulnerability and expectation of stealing someone’s heart - only to realise you don’t want the same things. It also touches on the feelings of when we get too comfortable and the naivety that things will last forever. We tried to tap into the nostalgia of youthful love and lust and the motionless feeling you get when the fear of rejection kicks in".

End Is Near Packshot

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