EP Walkthrough: Kim Churchill talks his new release, I AM

EP Walkthrough: Kim Churchill talks his new release, I AM

Recorded in Berlin, it's the first part of a four-part series of EPs recorded around the world.

Over the last few years, Kim Churchill has been travelling. After the success of his 2017 record Weight_Falls, the Australian indie darling set off, revelling in the travel and experiences that have shaped much of who he is as a musician and how he operates. As a musician, one of Churchill's most prominent lyrical and musical themes is travel; building songs around the environment and people he encounters while travelling and touring around the world, with snippets of respective cultures often found buzzing in the background of his recordings. His new project, however, doubles down on this theme. It's a series of four EPs written in different areas of the world - Germany, Canada, Australia and the UK respectively - with local collaborators from each respective region jumping on board to help Churchill flesh out the inspiration he finds in these parts of the world, the first part of which, I AM, arriving today.

I AM soundtracks Churchill's time in Germany, written and recorded in Berlin with producer Vincent Kottkamp while Churchill gained influence from the city's buildings, culture and nightlife - and on the other side of the spectrum, nature. "I AM was an exciting and explosive time of creativity for me," he says on the release, which arrives as he announces a series of shows across the country for this June. "It marked the exciting beginning of my new four-part EP collection. Berlin swept me away in all its beautiful counter points - from the gritty streets covered in colourful graffiti to the deep forests and quiet, summer fields. Working with Vince in his studio was full of magic and the different styles of music we're both into collided in a beautiful way. I couldn't be more proud."

Dive into the release below with a track-by-track walkthrough from Churchill himself, and grab tickets to his Australian run of shows HERE.

When Everything Comes Undone is basically written about when shit hits the fan. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s inevitable. Life becomes difficult and remains that way until events have run their course and new cycles of life have begun. In some ways, it’s a natural and beautiful process. This song is about understanding and celebrating the realities of life, through its ups and downs.

After the Sun was written in Berlin, in a loft studio with Martin Gallop and Vincent Kottkamp. We were looking for something with a strong groove and an archetypal lyric. We felt like writing about humanity in general that day and our odd species’ journey through the centuries. It seemed to fit nicely into the dance vibe of Vince's production and the beautiful summer weather Berlin was getting at that time.

Look Too: We're all looking in some capacity. We can work in harmony with other people journey’s and have the strength to understand when people close to us are looking for different things. This can sometimes mean separation and that can be hard, but it is important for growth.

The Sunroom is a song I wrote about the sunroom in my old house in Newcastle. It was an odd little room I filled with old furniture I found on the street and an old surfboard hanging on the wall that I wrote a poem on. It was a quiet place of reflection for everyone that lived in the house. I did a lot of growing in that room and learnt a lot of things.

Fallen Rainbows: Letting go of dreams that I realized were soft and scattered. Taking stock of what is important to me and chasing that!

As I Need It: I am my own power source and my own harshest critic. This is a song about living and loving myself and taking responsibility for my life and having the power to live and create as I want to.

All I Remember: A big night out. I was talking to a guy early in the evening who was basically off his face. I found myself wondering about the idea that, as I had never met him before, I actually had no idea what he would be like not 'under the influence'. I wondered what he'd be like 'not high'. It was a massive night and I came down hard. The verses deal with the odd forms of sadness I found the next day and the powerful emotional draw of friends and large nights.

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