Premiere: HAIRCARE share their debut EP HAIRXARE, break down its creation

Premiere: HAIRCARE share their debut EP HAIRXARE, break down its creation

The rising Perth favourites share a five-track debut EP that encapsulates their potential as a band that should be on your radar.

Header image by George Foster.

Over the last few years, we've had the opportunity to watch Perth-based outfit HAIRCARE blossom into an act synonymous with the future of the city's live music scene. In singles shared since their debut back in 2018, they've consistently aimed to push their sound to new realms, marrying the sounds of indie-pop, alt-rock, lo-fi shoegaze and beyond with their own signature charm being the glue of kinds holding it all together - something that too shows on the live stage, as shown through headline shows and support slots alongside Aldous Harding, Ali Barter, Stella Donnelly and beyond across the last few years.

In the last year particularly, we've been able to see HAIRCARE flourish more than ever before, despite everything being thrown at them by the world at the moment. Last year's Hot Topic was glitzy and wind-swept, destined for a beach-side festival with its drawn-out solos and dancing pace. On The Side earlier this year, meanwhile, incorporated influences of nostalgic funk into their washed-out charm, while For Koji was animated and lively - a natural byproduct of a song commemorating legendary Nintendo soundtrack composer Koji Kondo.

But now, with a debut EP titled HAIRXARE incoming tomorrow, September 9th, HAIRCARE are moving towards a new peak. It's five tracks that really signify a band finding their feet, showing their many sides as a multi-faceted and genre-versatile act of tomorrow, from On the Side's sudden drum breaks through to the brooding psychedelica of When You're High, a track that really seems to shine amongst the EP's other now-unreleased songs. But then, you have it contrasted against the rush of a song like Sorry That I've Made You Feel This Way; a song which opens with arguably HAIRCARE's most rushing pace to-date, before dissolving into a Vampire Weekend-esque slow dance.

However, whichever sound HAIRCARE attempts across this EP is bound by this class and polish that you wouldn't expect from a band just now sharing their debut EP, let alone one by a band with a DIY ethos. HAIRXARE is a nod to the group's master-of-all-trades attitude, not just in the record's musical versatility and sonic range, but also in how it's entirely mixed and produced by the band themselves in Brodericks Fremantle studio; the group having the last say over how the EP's many sounds come to life over your headphones.

It's a great release, and one that really proves that HAIRCARE are something special growing through Perth's community-built live space. You can take a dive into the EP as it premieres on Pilerats below ahead of its official release tomorrow, September 9th - and underneath that, take a dive into an EP walkthrough from the band, which dissects its creation and themes one song at a time. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the group at newly-minted Perth venue Barbes on September 19th, supported by Gum, Sara Salt, Myriad Sun and DJ Lindsay Slohand.

On The Side is an introspective reflection about the consequences, for better or worse, of making life decisions. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith to get to where you want to be and other times the leap of faith can put you where you don’t want to be. then you just have to accept your mistakes and move on.

For Koji is an ode to Koji Kondo, composer for Nintendo and sole writer for the Mario and Legend of Zelda musical scores. The song deals with themes that I usually try and escape from via books and video games. It is essentially escapism at its finest.

When Your High is about growing apart from friends because of substance abuse and social differences. Friends that are otherwise normal and fun to be around but completely flip and change when out or at a party to the point it is socially unacceptable. In hindsight, I suppose the social awkwardness is a by-product from coming of age, developing different values to people who you thought were your best friends and then mixing this growth with excessive drug use and mental health. It’s crazy and people can get really hurt.

Sorry That I’ve Made You Feel This Way is about learning and understand emotional boundaries, specifically when someone is hurt unintentionally. The feeling of causing un international pain sucks, it’s a helpless situation and in the end, both people are hurting but that’s ok cause you can use it to learn and grow together.

Hot Topic is for anyone that has been through a long and difficult breakup/get back together cycle. I really don’t recommend it, everyone gets hurt and emotionally used and your better off thinking and talking about it to one another. Hopefully, this song can enlighten some people to how damaging and toxic it can be.


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