EP Walkthrough: WA rockers Pretty Uglys explain the stories of their Party Friends EP

EP Walkthrough: WA rockers Pretty Uglys explain the stories of their Party Friends EP

The Perth-via-Busselton trio will celebrate the release of their new EP with a bunch of tour dates this May.

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Busselton-raised, now Perth-based trio Pretty Uglys are a new addition to West Australia's rock space that we've been keeping a close eye on over the last 12 months. Our first introduction to the trio came via SOAK IT UP a year ago, showcasing their gritty, ruckus-inducing surf-rock and its most dark and grunge-y, capturing this almost Weezer-like sense of 90s-turned-2000s rock nostalgia. Then, came Dreamland Delusion, a taste of their new EP - which we'll talk about in a second - that brought a punkier edge to their alt-rock sound, adding yet another facet to the group's changing and multi-dimensional edge.

Now, we're stoked to see the three-piece release their sophomore EP Party Friends, a collection of five tracks that further cement this aforementioned versatility within their sound, and how they're able to take a backbone in FIDLAR-esque surf-rock and mould it with flourishes of indie, punk, alt, grunge and beyond to create something that stands out. Party Friends shows that throughout its duration, capturing the many flavours and tones the group muster into their sound; each track conjoined by its energy and DIY-like charm, rather than one distinct brand of surf-rock.

Take the EP's title-track Party Friends, for example, which flirts on the edge of a full punk explosion without going the whole way there; teasing you enough to keep you on the edge of your seat and constantly coming back for more. Dreamland Delusion, as mentioned, dances further into this punkier edge, while Emergency Room - which just preluded the EP's full arrival - is a high-octane explosion of what the group do best, full of their charm and energy that makes Pretty Uglys who they are.

As a whole project, Party Friends offers examples of how the group have grown and evolved over the years, especially when placed comparatively to their debut EP Beach For Free back in 2018. Things are a little more focused and clearer this time around, and while they most certainly dance with the fun and rough-around-the-edges DIY edge the group will never outgrow (hopefully), there's a clear sense of progression here - and that's something Pretty Uglys themselves are excited to have reflected within this record.

"Feels epic to get this release into the world collectively putting together these tracks in a way that helps solidify our own sound direction from over the past 12 months at least, with both happy and deeper/heavier tracks all in the mix," the group say. "All songs we compiled together in our rehearsal room generally sparking from a simple guitar or bass part, which evolves into a sum what structured track with lyrics always coming last. We used the Garageband app on iPhone to demo a lot of it, then went to see to our good mate Tristan Sturmer at Sumo Studios Perth which is where we recorded all the final versions of the songs."

The full thing arrives ahead of dates across West Australia this May, which you can find below. In the meantime, take a dive into Party Friends now, alongside a track by track walkthrough breaking down the EP's creation one song at a time:


Emergency Room is a track which came about after a night out which turned a little sour and ended up with Jax needing stitches and queuing up in the emergency department. The next day came the band's biggest show to date playing a sold-out show with Ruby Fields. It’s also the first released Uglys track where the guitar and vocal melody follow each other.


Party Friends is the title track off the EP. The title says it all for this one. It’s a song about when your Friday knock off comes and you're about to go see your mates with some cold beers and have some fun.


Almost a sequel to Party Friends. Puzzle Pieces is based around the morning after, maybe waking up with shoes and finding yourself going straight to the kitchen to find something to nibble on.


This is a track about an ex-relationship Jax had. Was cool to meet her and have those fun times, but after a few years it just wasn’t meant to be.


Based around the theme of having weird and wacky dreams which often occurs. Sometimes they are fun, sometimes not so fun either way we all have them right?

Tour Dates: 

Thursday, May 13th - ‘Wades World Prem Party’ for Rusty Surfboards at Perth HQ
Friday, May 14th - The River Hotel, Margaret River
Saturday, May 15th - Indi Bar, Scarborough
Friday, May 21st - The Aardvark, Fremantle 

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