Premiere: Melbourne's The Stained Daisies unveil new single Time Away, tease new EP

Premiere: Melbourne's The Stained Daisies unveil new single Time Away, tease new EP

It's the first single from the group since releasing their debut album last year, and comes with plenty more in the pipeline.

For Melbourne-based four-piece The Stained Daisies, 2020 brought a lot of big wins. For starters, the year saw the arrival of their debut album I Love You So Much, arriving at the tail-end of 2020 alongside an album launch a few months later, which bid their re-entry into the live music space after a solid eight months or so of quietness (bar the odd at-home performance here and there). Amongst all of this, they also wrote new stuff too, taking the lockdown down-time from touring to write an entire new EP, scheduled for release later this year.

It was a year that kept the trajectory of The Stained Daises rising upwards, especially after making so much progress through singles littering 2018 and 2019. Faced by an extended period without their vivacious live show, they didn't quieten off completely and sit around doing absolutely nothing (which would've been a fair call itself), but instead they got to work, ensuring they'd come out the other end just as strong - if not stronger - than they were facing up before the unexpected hiccup to their grand The Stained Daises vision.

Enough lockdown talk though, because today welcomes the first taste of what that new music exactly sounds like, with Time Away - premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its official release on April 23rd - being a glimpse of how the band are moving forward with their first single arriving since their debut album last year. Time Away is a lot to be excited about too, being a warm return from the group that captures the strengths of the band at a little more of an evolved nature, showcasing how the group did grow across the last twelve months.

Sound-wise, Time Away is a whole bunch of fun. It's lively and playful with soaring pop choruses dancing amongst a hotbed of guitars and percussion, providing a sense of escapism that contrasted against the otherwise gloomy and dark nature of the world around them. That's what they were going for with the track too, as they explain: "We wrote this one in the depths of lockdown, when we were quite literally looking for some Time Away."

Time Away is a moment of bright relief from the group, that as mentioned, teases this forthcoming new EP recorded amongst Melbourne's lockdown last year. Titled Jazz Club, time will tell whether the rest of the EP is as fun and energetic, but in the meantime, you can take a dive into Time Away as it premieres below, and catch the group launch their forthcoming EP at Melbourne institution The Tote at the end of May - more information here.

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