Premiere: The Stained Daisies juggle work, life and punk rock with new single, Circus

Premiere: The Stained Daisies juggle work, life and punk rock with new single, Circus

The rollercoastering new tune explores different facets of the Melbourne band's sound as they continue to strive in 2020.

Despite ongoing restrictions dampening the Victorian live music space throughout much of 2020, they haven't stopped a legion of fresh-faced up-and-comers from breaking out of the Victorian musical epicentre. The Stained Daisies are included within that, with an extensive six-year-long discography moving towards a break-out year pinned for 2020, following on from the release of two brilliant singles in 2019 - All They Want and Open Mind - alongside a fresh one to kick off this year in the form of Sit Long in the Silence.

There are no doubts that their year hasn't exactly gone to plan without them being able to showcase their chops on the live stage, but the four-piece are taking it all in their stride and looking forward into the year ahead regardless. Back in April, they dropped a tune titled Frosty that proved one of their best and most popular yet, being a spiralling descent into this rock-y, quick-paced pub sound that feels in-line with acts like Bad//Dreems and Private Function with the nostalgia for classics like Arctic Monkeys and The White Stripes.

Now, with their third single for the year premiering today ahead of its greater release on October 1st, The Stained Daisies are out to prove they have what it takes to be one of 2020's break-out successes. Their new single Circus is a rollercoaster that lives up to the track's name, moving between the peaks and valleys of their sound as they whip between this grand rock sound and flashes of more subtle, indie-leaning verses that really showcases two different edges to the band, long-shown in their previous work but finally coming together for their first taste of the year.

"I had the intro riff in my head for weeks, and had always thought that’d it’d be interesting to incorporate into a song," says the band's Jack Davison on the single. "Hope we don't get sued or something."

As he continues to explain, the track is built around the circus of nine-to-five living; the stupidity of wasting away your life in the work struggle and how we're all just juggling whatever is going on in our lives - it's really just like a circus. "It's a pretty straight-forward tune that aims to comment on weird human traits and habits," he explains.

It's also arriving as the next tease of their forthcoming debut album I Love You So Much, coming later this year as a collection of tracks bound to further push the band forwards into their stand-out year, with a string of songs that reflect the band's changing sound. Much like Circus, it's bound to show how the group can move between these more punk-rock, pub-like tones and those a little more subtle and indie-reflective, moving forward as a multi-faceted band worth keeping an eye on in the year ahead.

In the meantime, however, take a dive into Circus as it premieres on Pilerats below, ahead of its official release on October 1st.

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