Premiere: Grenade Jumper take aim with new single, The Power You Flaunted

Premiere: Grenade Jumper take aim with new single, The Power You Flaunted

The thick-footed new alt-punk tune from the Sydney group is their second for the year, and noticeably darker than much of their past work.

Since forming back in 2018, Sydney-based alt-rock outfit Grenade Jumper have been out to prove that they're something special. They're synonymous with Australia's more well-rounded and inclusive rock/punk future; each of their tracks seeing vocalist Bianca Davino lead a chaotic storm of thrashing guitar that plucks shadings from decades of influences and crams them into always-explosive bursts, as shown both in their growing discography and on the live stage as a headliner and supporting acts such as Hellions and Between You and Me.

They're an act that seems to understand the anger and angst their sound was founded off, with each of the few tracks they have dropped over the years spotlighting Bianca's passionate lyricism - regardless of whether she's singing about intimate, personal moments in her life or things more general and wide-spanning - as the rest of the group channel it for their work's instrumentation. Take Heat Wave earlier this year, for example - infectious and empowering, with lyrics on "empowering yourself to understand the beauty in all aspects of life."

Their new single The Power You Flaunted, premiering on Pilerats today ahead of its greater release later this week, presents this once again. Musically, it's a searing and commanding return from the group that feels a touch more intense than much of their past work, really bringing this cathartic, punk-rooted energy through their work amongst the controlled chaos of the instrumental and Bianca's vocal which effortlessly moves between the single's valleys and peaks. You get the sense that there's a real frustration there; anger and betrayal giving the single this quite dark and focused edge.

As Bianca explains the song's meaning, it all starts to make a bit of sense. "The Power You Flaunted focuses on generational distrust, propelled by losing faith in the leaders — both political and within the arts world — who failed to take care of us like they promised," she says on the single. "It’s about tearing away the facade that they exist behind, and outing them from their positions of power."

Continuing, she explains how a choice Lorde cut - and in our opinion, a Melodrama highlight - and the general rollercoaster 'vibe' of 2020 really helped carve the single's lyricism, and what she hopes to share with the song. "I've been wanting to write a song like this ever since I heard the lyric, 'all of our heroes fading, now I can’t stand to be alone' in the Lorde song Perfect Places. That song was released just as the MeToo movement began to pick up steam and it felt so relevant because I think it was the first time as a generation, especially in the music world, we started to see our heroes crumble and experience that betrayal," she continues.

"The Power Your Flaunted culminates that sense of hurt and frustration, and was written in a flurry of reflection on the movement, as well as the general state of the world in early 2020. We’re very proud of this track, because more than anything, it showcases how we’ve developed artistically and as musicians over the last year. We wanted to make a loud statement with it, and I believe we achieved that."

It's a brilliant single reflective of a band who knows what they want to say with their work, and aren't afraid of watering it down whatsoever. Take a dive into the track below:

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