Premiere: Indigo Blaze - 'CRITICAL HIT'

Premiere: Indigo Blaze - 'CRITICAL HIT'

Perth/Boorloo nu-metal revivalists drop blistering new single packing old school references - take a first listen

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Three hundred-odd years ago, famed Irish author Jonathan Swift coined the phrase ‘everything old is new again’, however when it comes to West Aussie quintet Indigo Blaze, everything old… is nu again. Fresh off their recent collab with fellow local rockers Late 90s, the Blaze are back and heavier than ever on new single, CRITICAL HIT.

Switching from rapid fire rhymes from lead vocalist Rhys Gahan in the slightly more mellow verses, CRITICAL HIT hits in the choruses with it all coming together - big, distorted guitars, pummeling drums and a low slung bassline, with the vocal hook “I’ll bring you back to the menu soundtrack” sure to be stuck in your head before the first listen is over.

Speaking on their new single the band explain "Lyrically, the track comments on believing in yourself even when others don't and being determined to push through and fight back the critics. As always, though, with Rhys' unique style of wordcraft with some video game references thrown in. 'Bring you back to the menu soundtrack' - calls out to the old arcade days when you beat your opponent.

All in all, for us, this song is a sly and not too serious shot back at the critics who doubt what we've been creating when the crowd and vibe we generate at our shows say different."

Take a CRITICAL HIT a day ahead of release:

Indigo Blaze's new single Critical Hit is out May 9

Indigo Grove CRITICAL HIT Artwork

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