The seven-piece creative collective craft a sonically surreal landscape with very real themes in their stunning melancholic new single.

Photo credit Jay Wennington 

Seven piece Eora (Sydney) based creative collective FVNERAL made their debut last year with the emotional indie-rock toe-tapper GOD DAMN LEDs. With the promise of much more to come from the group over the course of 2022, arrives their second single EVER KNOWN, a mellow and thoughtful testament to their sonic and emotional range. 

Coming in just shy of four and a half minutes, the track paints a surreal landscape with atmospheric reverb drenched stereo sounds, topped with heart-felt guitar plucks, melodic key taps and a shuffling beat, supporting dual vocals that harmoniously unravel a painstakingly real tale of watching the person who raised you slowly slip away. Whilst the song reaches some deeply melancholic levels, it holds onto an authentic and raw beauty that comes from life's nuances and complexities. 

Out now, be sure to soak in the mournful beauty of FVNERAL’s second release EVER KNOWN below. 

FVNERAL’s new single EVER KNOWN is out now. 


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