A series of handy tour hacks with The Jungle Giants

A series of handy tour hacks with The Jungle Giants

Their next national tour kicks off this June.

2015 was a massive year for The Jungle Giants, one that saw the release of their second LP Speakerzoid along with a whole bunch of touring to adoring local audiences as well as in front of large crowds in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Canada and the United States. And now, mid-2016, they're wrapping up the tour cycle for Speakerzoid with a final gallavant around Australia on the Together We Can Work Together tour.

To mark the occasion we asked the group for some handy life hacks to help you survive life on the road, and what they've offered up is a list of things we could all probably use in every day life:

Get A Micro Resonance Speaker

When we are backstage we like to have music playing most of the time. Especially if we are are partying a bit after the show. Most micro speakers obviously have really limited bass, so I've been playing with these things now. They are these cool little speakers that have a sticky pad at the bottom. When you attach that sticky pad to something hollow in the room (eski, or a table), the speaker pumps all its bass into it and holy shit its good. The bigger the thing you attach the speaker to, the louder it gets.

the jungle giants speaker

Also, if you forget your speaker, you can usually just get some paper or plastic cups and make a nice shitty speaker:

the jungle giants iphone speaker

Mini Laser Projector

So you can go on eBay and buy one of these things for like 16 bucks. If you're going to a party or just partying backstage after the show, turn off all the lights in the room and plug this thing in and you are now an instant portable party master. Party.

the jungle giants lights

iRig Pro

I just got one of these after Josh from San Cisco showed me his. They are cool little audio devices that plug directly into your iPad or iPhone. Just bring a mic, plug it in and you can record good audio anywhere. Good if you are visiting a friend who has a grand piano and the like.


We always bring cards to pass the time if we are waiting at the airport or loading into a venue. If you don't know what game to play, play 500. It's a game that can go for hours and not get boring (it's the game old people play at the RSL all the time).

the jungle giants cards

Wash Ya Face

Always bring a flannel on an international flight. I don't know why it feels so good to wash your face on a flight but it does and now you can too.


For long flights and drives, I usually plug a podcast into my ears and play a Gameboy game. All the hours will disappear because you're so damn stimulated.


If we have two shows in a row, the day after the show I might have a nappaccino to counteract the lack of sleep. What you do is this: go get a coffee, wait til it cools down, drink it really fast, and then set your alarm for 25 minutes. When you wake up the coffee will have hit you and you can thank me on Twitter, FB or Instagram.

the jungle giants coffee

Bonus Round

Gin and Tonic ice block - you're welcome.

the jungle giants bonus


Fri June 17 - The Triffid, Brisbane w/ Gideon Bensen (The Preatures), Lulu Raes and Machine Age (Licensed/All-Ages)

Sat June 18 - The Gov, Adelaide w/ Gideon Bensen (The Preatures), Lulu Raes and Machine Age (Licensed/All-Ages)

Fri June 24 - 170 Russell, Melbourne w/ Gideon Bensen (The Preatures), Lulu Raes and Machine Age (18+)

Sat June 25 - The Metro, Sydney w/ Gideon Bensen (The Preatures), Lulu Raes and Machine Age (Licensed/All-Ages)

Fri July 8 - Players Bar, Mandurah w/ Special Guests TBA (18+)

Sat July 9 - Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Perth w/ Special Guests TBA (18+)

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