Premiere: BATS get dark and disturbing in new video for 24 Hours

Premiere: BATS get dark and disturbing in new video for 24 Hours

The Perth supergroup dive into the darker side of the human consciousness.

Scoring major props from triple j head Richard Kingsmill ("That guitar into hooked me in. I stayed. I like."), BATS are a Perth-based supergroup doing things right, especially when it comes to their new single 24 Hours. Composed of members from WA favourites such as The Infidels, Ruby Boots and The Volcanics, 24 Hours rips and shreds with charging guitar work and howling vocals, combining with some frenzied drum work to give one of the more impressive alt-rock songs to come from this side of the country in a while now. Today we premiere the video for the single, which grabs ahold of the dark and brooding undertones from the song and really highlights them in what's quite a disturbing clip.

Look no further to why the group decided to make their debut clip such an intense and gritty one than group member Michael Paver, who describes the clip as a "disturbing, anxiety filled, black and white DIY project by BATS. Shot in black and white with way too many strobes the video follows the narrative of the lyrics in which our choices as people of the world and how we treat those less fortunate than ourselves are often black and white. It's gritty, strobey DIY goodness." Watch the video clip below, and get to know the crew and their sound through a quick couple of questions we flicked to the guys in the lead up to the video's release.

Tell us about yourselves?

We are BATS, a rock and roll band from Perth.

What’s the vibe music-wise?

BATS sound like QOTSA trying to be the Kinks but in cake form, with some BRMC icing and a Primal Scream candle… but with way more anxiety. 

Writing/recording process:

Sometimes it's lots of jamming and sometimes it’s a sketch that gets put together in the studio essentially whatever works for the song at the time.

Can you tell us about your debut single, 24 Hours?

24 Hours is a busy anxiety filled track about those less fortunate than ourselves. Essentially written from the point of view of being locked up for years, where your life becomes a meaningless enterprise consisting of merely surviving another 24 hours.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

We are launching our debut album later in the year and heading on a small WA regional tour…… and possibly heading over east in November if we can squeeze it in.

Where can we hear more of your music?

On good radio stations, iTunes, Spotify and the rest or…



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