International Women’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day 2022

Whilst we continue to educate and advocate, let’s also remember to celebrate all female identifying artists and music industry professionals.

Photo by James Culnane 

International Women’s Day is a world-wide celebration on March 8th to celebrate women's achievements and/or rally for women's equality. The day has been observed since the early 1900’s, and first celebrated by the United Nations in 1975, with a rich history of marching, striking, and standing up for women's equality all around the globe. 

As a young female identifying individual who has been working in the music industry and performing as an artist for only a couple of years, I know from my first-hand experience and further research that I’m only scratching the surface of the gender inequality that exists, on top of the already incredibly tough conditions the pandemic has left the industry in. It’s easy to get disheartened by the cancellation of so much work, let alone the statistics and studies on the gender pay gaps and overall lack of diversity across all areas of the music industry, and it’s often a conversation topic I’ve shared with many of my peers, mentors, and lecturers whilst I was at uni - that female identifying individuals often feel the need to work harder, and put more pressure on representing themselves as professional and deserving of their place in this industry.

As we’ve seen with artists such as Jaguar Jonze, It is so very important to keep educating that inequality and the myriad of issues associated continue to exist, and the importance of advocating for change where we can. The past year has seen things as the Four Corners reviews to uncover toxic workplace culture in major record labels, and the ARIA awards going gender neutral in an act to be “more equal, inclusive, safe and supportive space”,  showing that change and progress is slowly but surely happening in Australia. So in some of the toughest times this industry (as a whole) has seen, I know so many of you have been fighting for so long, but please find the time today to celebrate how far you’ve come and what it is to be a woman.  

For me, there’s a slip of paper from a fortune cookie blu-taked to my computer monitor, that reminds me daily that Your persistence will be rewarded”. I would like to extend the sentiment from this delightful take-away token and try to give a little hope to those who may be feeling disheartened or frustrated. Whilst we continue to advocate, let’s also remember to celebrate all female identifying artists and music industry professionals, who as always, are absolutely killing it right now. Your hard work and resilience is not going unnoticed. Your persistence will be rewarded. 

In light of this, I reached out to some female identifying artists and music industry professionals that I personally find inspiring to share some words on how they will be celebrating today: 

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Kelsie Miller (top left), Lauren Butcher (top right), Courtney Duka (botton left), Jess Nyanda Moyle (bottom right). 

I wouldn’t have made it through the past two years in music without the incredible group of supportive women I have around me – both within the industry and outside of it. The team that we’ve built up around Great Gable is predominately female, something I am so proud of and value so highly in an industry that is still extremely male-dominated behind the scenes. Growing up we’re often taught that there’s only room for a few females at the top, but I’ve seen that belief being challenged and disrupted more and more recently, and that’s definitely something to celebrate this International Women’s Day.

- Kelsie Miller, from Across the Road Music (Artist Manager), Boorloo

I am celebrating international women's day this year by taking time to feel gratitude for what the local music scene has offered me as a transgender woman, and continues to offer others. Music has been a powerful means of showcasing diversity and amplifying voices of those who are not often heard enough and today is a perfect time to celebrate all kinds of women in our community for what they bring to us all. 

- Lauren Butcher, from Lauren and the Goodfights (Artist), Boorloo 

This international womens day I will be taking some time to sunbake on my balcony bare chested while listening to Charli XCX and eating pastries, pending weather. 

I’ll be celebrating the ‘fan girls’ that have long been laughed at for their music taste, their dedication and support to their favourite artists, and the ones told they can’t like certain genres or bands. You owe no apologies for loving whatever music you do, and your power in the industry is unmatched. 

May all days, but especially today, be free of anyone demanding you name three songs. 

- Courtney Duka, Secret Sounds (Festival Operations), Eora 

Going to celebrate all the femme/nonbinary artists, especially the queer poc babes that are working so goddamn hard to make safer spaces for the next generation of musos to shred. And thanking Sister Rosetta Tharpe for creating all things rock and roll. What a legend. 

- Jess Nyanda Moyle, from Jocelyn's Baby (Artist), Boorloo 


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