Premiere: LA Women continue their reign with new single, Falling In Love

Premiere: LA Women continue their reign with new single, Falling In Love

With their second single for the year, it's clear that the Auckland trio are just another example of New Zealand's blossoming musical future.

It was literally just yesterday when we last talked about the depth of New Zealand's bright-eyed musical future, with NAVVY - coming off the success of her third EPThe Final Pieces - spotlighting five developing artists from her home country that feel reflective of the scene's strong future ahead: Wells*, Levyné, Foley, Maxwell Young and Paige. It's a world we constantly find ourselves diving head-first into, and in addition to the names above, it's people like LA Women to thank for; the Auckland trio quickly making themselves known as frontrunners of a more genre-blurring side of the country's pop space.

Since their debut back in 2016, LA Women have consistently embraced new sounds to extend their own forwards, moving between stylings and flavours as they bring together the worlds of electronica, indie, pop, funk, R&B and beyond to craft genre-fleeting moments that are distinctly LA Women, even if they enlist close friends and collaborators such as SACHI. They're really quite impressive, and as New Zealand continues to fall in love with them, their arrival into Australia is on the cusp of turning into something special too.

They've been balancing on the fine line of an Australian break-out for a while now, edging themselves further into national success with every single. Last year's heavy-stomping, percussive-led Under Pressure proved a favourite that commenced their year with success, and their most recent single Love Me - which came out back in June - did it again, albeit with a more funk-y, traditional R&B touch that aligned them more-so with acts such as D'Angelo and Miguel, rather than their more electronic-focused comparatives in the past.

Now, with their latest single Falling In Love, LA Women embrace their many sides, and step forward as a multi-faceted act of the future revelling in their brilliance. It's a single that sits somewhere in the middle of Love Me's straight-up R&B croon and their most pop-meet-electronic-adjacent sound of the past, with a funk step and oozing synth dancing with a sense of rich early-2000s R&B nostalgia, doubled down on by the single's slow-burning and sensual vocal. It's mellow and subtle, yet warm and comforting - thick with emotion and sheen that's come from it being one of the more long-standing songs in the LA Women catalogue.

As they explain, Falling In Love marks a turning point for the trio, but it was a difficult egg to crack, taking over a year to finish off (with the help of their fans). "We’ve played Falling In Love at live shows before, and had so many fans coming up to us asking about it and when it’s coming out," Jake says on the single. "Usually it’s on our own terms how and when we release songs, but this one was definitely influenced by the fan feedback which is cool."

It's finally out, however, and that's worth celebrating; LA Women - alongside Montel2099, who worked on the single's creation - have really stepped it up once again.

Take a dive into Falling In Love below, as it premieres on Pilerats ahead of its greater release tomorrow, September 11th.

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