Cam Findlay

I’m Cam. I write words about music, because I was too lazy to learn to play an instrument. I have red hair. I enjoy stories that end in ambiguous circumstances...

WIll America Ever Properly Deal With Their Gun Problem?

Another week, another slew of senseless killings, but guns are still a-ok in the US.

9 years ago

It's Your "Lefty Lynch-Mob"

Zaky Mallah and the next step in shutting down Australia's "Left Wing" media.

9 years ago

The Slow Death Of The Hipster

A eulogy to a trend that united us all in love, hate, and bewilderment.

9 years ago

#KIDSOUT: The New Catch-Cry Of Australia's Awful Immigration Policy

Another hashtag, another petition. But will it have any effect on government policy?

9 years ago

Sport As Protest

If we don’t support our sports stars standing up to racism, then we are completely missing the point.

9 years ago

Stream Wars

With Spotify, Tidal and Apple's Beats on the horizon, the future is as murky as ever RE: online streaming services.

9 years ago

Online Employment Scams

And navigating that minefield so you may actually find work.

9 years ago

Rolling Stone's Rape On Campus Article & Journalism

In the age of online journalism, has something as simple as fact-checking gone out the window?

9 years ago

The Definition Of Irony Is Ironic

Living with music in a post-ironic world.

11 years ago