Connor Gamble

Law student, digital rights activist, musician, writer. If whiskey interferes with your business, give up your business. Don’t always believe what you read - I don’t always believe what I write.

2016: Swan Song Of Truth

What a year it has been.

3 months ago

The (Over-Polished) Sound Of Music

Missing the days of recording fuck-ups and real instrumentation.

9 months ago

Idiocracy 2016

When dumb people are given a bigger microphone, they use it to spread fear, hatred, bigotry and uninformed decisions.

9 months ago

Turnbull’s Trickle-Down Economics

Convincing the poor that reducing taxes on the rich will benefit them.

11 months ago

The Fight For Encryption

Privacy is for people. Transparency is for the state.

12 months ago

Same Sex Marriage Now

And if you don’t like it don’t worry, it won’t affect you in any way once it’s through.

1 year ago

Smart Citizen, Seduced Consumer

University is big business, are we enriching our own minds or enriching the system's wallets?

1 year ago

Martin Shkreli: Wolf to Lamb

Let's use Martin Shkreli as an awakening.

1 year ago

Star Wars, George Lucas and the (hopeful) re-emergence of creativity

The new Star Wars is out this Wednesday, and here's hoping it rights a few past wrongs.

1 year ago

The Digital Vanity Race: A curated record of your life

Are smart phones really just making us dumber?

1 year ago

Brave New World

The Technology Industry, Innovation, and the Sharing Economy’s true face.

1 year ago

Tin Foil Hat Time: Data Retention is here

What it all means for you, joe-downloading-tv-shows-citizen.

1 year ago

Donald, Democracy, Clive and Clean Energy

A few semi coherent thoughts from a regional train leaving Belgium.

2 years ago

Would You Let A Car Do The Driving For You?

Autonomous cars are coming, the question is are we ready?

2 years ago