Con Duncan

Law student, digital rights activist, musician, writer. If whiskey interferes with your business, give up your business. Don’t always believe what you read - I don’t always believe what I write.

2016: Swan Song Of Truth

What a year it has been.

7 years ago

The (Over-Polished) Sound Of Music

Missing the days of recording fuck-ups and real instrumentation.

8 years ago

Idiocracy 2016

When dumb people are given a bigger microphone, they use it to spread fear, hatred, bigotry and uninformed decisions.

8 years ago

Turnbull’s Trickle-Down Economics

Convincing the poor that reducing taxes on the rich will benefit them.

8 years ago

The Fight For Encryption

Privacy is for people. Transparency is for the state.

8 years ago

Same Sex Marriage Now

And if you don’t like it don’t worry, it won’t affect you in any way once it’s through.

8 years ago

Smart Citizen, Seduced Consumer

University is big business, are we enriching our own minds or enriching the system's wallets?

8 years ago

Martin Shkreli: Wolf to Lamb

Let's use Martin Shkreli as an awakening.

8 years ago

Star Wars, George Lucas and the (hopeful) re-emergence of creativity

The new Star Wars is out this Wednesday, and here's hoping it rights a few past wrongs.

9 years ago

The Digital Vanity Race: A curated record of your life

Are smart phones really just making us dumber?

9 years ago

Brave New World

The Technology Industry, Innovation, and the Sharing Economy’s true face.

9 years ago

Tin Foil Hat Time: Data Retention is here

What it all means for you, joe-downloading-tv-shows-citizen.

9 years ago

Donald, Democracy, Clive and Clean Energy

A few semi coherent thoughts from a regional train leaving Belgium.

9 years ago

Would You Let A Car Do The Driving For You?

Autonomous cars are coming, the question is are we ready?

9 years ago