Sounds From Playlist Updates - 31/05/16

Sounds From Playlist Updates - 31/05/16

The best new Aussie music from all over the country

Sounds From... is based on the simple idea that it's kinda hard to search for music by its location. Starting Aussie, we made up Spotify playlists that are sorted by state, and housed only the best new music coming out of each area over the course of the past year(ish). The response so far has been great, whether it be people who love their home-state and the unique sounds coming out of it, or bands and booking agents who are looking to head into new territories and need support acts in those areas. We've been updating it regularly, but consider this a little round up of the most recent new music. If we've missed something, LET US KNOW:

Check out the lists below, or GO DIRECT to all the playlists on Spotify and get following!



The Sinking Teeth - Pavement

Them Bruins - Coming Out Backwards

Gumboot Puma - In My Mind

UNO Stereo - GOT U

Hideous Towns - Don't Forget

Passerine - Synthetic Heart

Slowcoaching - Night Fiction

Paul Dempsey - Idiot Oracle

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks - Rat-A-Tat-Tat

Self Talk - Clean Washing

Super Magic Hats - Transpose

Shag Planet - Too Many Babes, Too Little Time

Trè Samuels - 100+

Tim Wheatley - 78 Benz

Retro Culture - Thread

Split Seconds - Relocation Blues

Bob Evans - Matterfact 

Native Spirit - Look Around


Beneb - Temporary

Daggy Man - What You Desire

Machine Age - Don't Look

TH'FIKA - Stranger

Sunhaus - Realignment

Von Villains - Losing My Mind

The Francis Wolves - Gothic Surf Club

Babaganouj - Do Rite With Me Tonite

Georgia Mae - Time With You

Neighbour - Space Camp

POP CULT - Feels Right

Violent Soho - Viceroy


Em George - Paper Hearts

Holy Balm - Fashion

Someday - Wild & Free

Slumberhaze - Neon Demon

THE GOLDHEARTS - Here's The Thing

NGAIIRE - House On A Rock

Philadelphia Grand Jury - Spend More Time

Bree Tranter - Tuesday Fresh Cuts

Wilder Lee - Into the Wild

Nocturnal Tapes - Pattern

Pirra - Wake Me

Aela Kae - Pretty Pictures

PLANET - Frosty

Port of Spain - Blind

Klue - So Good


Odlaw - Coyote

Black Stone from the Sun - Vice Versa

The Brow - The Mantra

Stillwater Giants - Montage

Ruby Boots - Middle Of Nowhere

The China Blue Experiment - Harlem

Elli Schoen - Hard Heart

Mathas - Bravo Troll!

Verge Collection - Class Of '09

Mt. Mountain - Freida.

Slumberjack - Open Fire (feat. Daniel Johns)


Horror My Friend - PB Remains

Kaurna Cronin - Passion Parade

Senor Roar - Pop That

Auguste - Kingdom

Menagerie - Jealous of the Rain

World Wild - Hollywood

Skies - Speed Boy

The Hard Aches - Glad That You're Gone


Purple Stems - Into The Trap

Metamorpheus - Menin

Asta - Wild Emotion (Acoustic)

Head to the Sounds From... HOME PAGE for more info on each one.

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