New Aus label Pointer Recordings launches with an Imbi x Slim Set collab, Heatsink

New Aus label Pointer Recordings launches with an Imbi x Slim Set collab, Heatsink

The new venture from Remote Control Records also boasts upcoming releases by Telenova, Ryan Fennis, Voidhood, and Cavallo Nero.

Header image by Shan Turner-Carol.

It's always a good day when a new label launches in Australia, and Pointer Recordings is one we're stupidly excited to introduce to the world.

It's a new venture from Remote Control Recordings, and also the first label they've introduced since Dot Dash which today, includes some of the country's most exciting acts: Banoffee, Carla Geneve, Methyl Ethel, Ngaiire and plenty more included. According to the label, they aim to be a collaborative home for forward-thinking musicians wanting a forward-thinking home; amplifying diverse, creative voices through non-traditional label deals, meaning that you can sign to the label for just a single song, or for whatever else you have planned - its a no-holds-barred environment.

"It’s been an absolute joy to start Pointer Recordings and begin to cultivate this new family of artists," says label founder Sweetie Zamora. "Each artists belief in me and the team is incredibly energising and propels us to work harder."

And christ, what an opening lineup they have. The first additions to Pointer Recordings emphasise the creative, genre-free mantra that the label hopes to create; each forthcoming release joined by their talent and experimentation, rather than sound and status. There's a collaboration between the ever-brilliant Imbi and Sydney club titans Slim Set, new work from Melbourne three-piece Telenova (who includes members of Slum Sociable and Miami Horror), a collaboration between Canberra favourites Ryan Fennis and Voidhood, and the launch of Melbourne club project Cavallo Nero, which rises from the quietness of Total Giovanni.

The Imbi x Slim Set collab is the first off the gates, with Heatsink premiering alongside the label's launch this morning. It's a pacing, club-ready jam that gives you flashbacks to 3AM benders in a past world, capturing the dizzying rush of early-morning debauchery - something emphasised by Slim Set's always on-point productions. Imbi's vocal adds another level to it, however; their vocal mixing amongst the rush of the production to give breaths of relief amongst the madness.

"Pointer came at the perfect time," says Imbi on the label deal. "Joining up with Pointer reassured me that there are ways to pursue music that feel good and labels out there really looking to do best by the artist and themselves. I am so grateful to be part of this team."

The new single also comes with a full game coded by Slim Set's Atro, which adds yet another dimension to the release. You can grab the song and play the game here, or else otherwise, take a listen to Heatsink below, and keep an eye out for more by Pointer Recordings to come:

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