Imbi The Girl walks us through her Hottest 100 2017 votes

Imbi The Girl walks us through her Hottest 100 2017 votes

The emerging 2017 name's voting list is full of golden picks, from Odette to Alex The Astronaut to SZA.

Sydney's imbi the girl has been one of the many highlights of Australian music in 2017, with the soulful hip-hop artist capturing our attention with her gorgeous debut single acidic a few months back (which she has since followed up with another beauty in V.I.P.). Her soulful and sultry sound, one unique to Australian R&B, has ultimately won us over across the year and not just us – she's become one of the most popular artists of the year on triple j Unearthed, quite a feat considering the incredibly high standard of music we Aussies have been delivering in 2017. When we met her at the start of the year, one of the big things she highlighted was her pleasure in "experimenting with different genres and styles", something which carries through in her favourite songs of the year - listed below. Her ten favourites almost have as much variation as her music, with everything from Odette and Alex The Astronaut paired with SZA, Alice Ivy and Sampa The Great – picks we definitely agree on. Check out her Hottest 100 below, and if you haven't got your votes in, make sure you do it HERE before it closes on Jan 22.

Odette - Watch Me Read You

This song is a spearhead for a poetic revolution! Odette’s lyricism and delivery leave nothing else to be desired, making this vibe track an obvious pick for the Hottest 100.

imbi the girl: - V.I.P.

Sexy, sultry and vulnerably honest. At least that’s what I hope you feel when you listen to the track!

Sampa The Great - Rhymes To The East

I’ve always loved Sampa and the music she makes! Recently, Sampa’s music been more unapologetically herself than ever before, embracing her culture and maintaining a unique energy with every track. She is a strong, empowering and inspiring femme energy in the music scene ~ I’d be lying if I said Rhymes To The East wasn’t one of my top ten for 2017.

Maddy Jane - No Other Way

Just a brilliant, feel good tune to blast way too loud on your shitty speakers in your room alone at night (or idk maybe that’s just me).

Alex The Astronaut - Not Worth Hiding

I CRY EVERY GODDAMN TIME. This is not only a song, but an incredibly important and (sadly) relevant anthem for Aussie queers nation-wide. With all the hurt and negativity that faced the queer community as a result of the plebiscite, this song came around at the perfect moment and made me feel like it was all going to be ok. It’s so raw and vulnerable and honestly perfect. I am so, unbelievably happy that this song was made.

Alice Ivy - Be Friends

I love this song! It is such a cruisy track with a groovy, unique and unmistakably cool vibe. Alice Ivy is also a total babe making waves in the Aussie music scene ~ how could I not include her?

SZA - Drew Barrymore

This has been one of my staple tracks of lonely 2k17 nights ~ really strikes a chord.

Miss Blanks - Clap Clap

Miss Blanks is an absolute inspiration and this track is a total fkn banger. Nothing quite like it for making you feel ready to not give a fuck bout what anyone else thinks and just love yourself on a night out!

Okenyo - Woman’s World

Another super femme-empowering track, you can catch me and my mates blasting Woman’s World whilst driving pretty much anywhere!

Ojikae - Existentiality

This sensual track gets me going!

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