Meet Hindley and his intoxicating new single, Run And Seek

Meet Hindley and his intoxicating new single, Run And Seek

The Perth hip-hop force is definitely one to keen an eye on in 2018.

Although more nationally known for our electronic contribution, Perth is also a bit of a goldmine for hip-hop. Joining our west-coast heavyweights in Drapht, Coin Banks, Mathas and Ziggy is an assortment of incredible hip-hop names, from POW! Negro to T$oko and the Tone Youth crew, to Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Hindley. After a bit of time away from the action, the final of which has just returned with his newest single in Run And Seek, an intoxicating take of soulful hip-hop which will no doubt have you floored. It's a great return to form from the long-time Perth hip-hop head, which is why we sent him a couple of questions on what he's been up to and what to expect from Hindley in 2018. Check them out below.

Tell us about yourself?

I've been independently making alternative rap and soul music out of multiple bedrooms within Perth for the last four years. I started to make music because it was my biggest interest in life, but I had no real creative skills to express myself except that I always could write. So I started freestyling raps over Duke Westlake and Madlib beats while studying the basics of production and recording at SAE. Eventually, I started writing and producing actual songs for myself and grew more comfortable within that headspace.

Over time I grew into this skin, and in the last year, I've managed to teach myself piano and how to sing my thoughts too, rather than always rapping them. I've played a lot of shows and accomplished some really great things solo, however in 2017 I had the pleasure to meet three artistic minds that solved the puzzle of my own, and together we (And Beyond and Silver Sleeves) formed the community group and label, Damn Nation. I've got a lot to say and although not always clear, I do hope it to be beautiful.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

My older EPs reflect some of my biggest early influences in Death Grips, Clipping, Earl Sweatshirt and Kojey Radical. It's a blend of experimental production with aggressive and viscous lyricism which translated to intense live performances but also reflected the very dark paths I had to travel to get where I am today. Now, I try to absorb absolutely everything in order to reflect more mature emotions and concepts, those positive and depressing. At its core, it's genuine, that's what a value most - the truth.

Production/writing process:

I owe a lot of the structure of my current works to the influences of Milo, I can not deny he is my biggest musical icon. His music has shaped the way I experience hip hop and the way I write it. I very rarely can sit and type out bars to nothing or just a random beat. Instead, I'll sit and listen for hours through Soundcloud and Bandcamp profiles until something wakes my soul up to say "This! Write to this!", usually, I can write a whole song in an hour or so when my mind runs off like that.

Producing is basically the same process. I'll play with hundreds of sounds, samples, melodies, percussion and drum patterns rapidly, madly scrapping and abandoning sessions until something clicks and I know I need to keep going.

Can you tell us about your new single, Run and Seek?

It's a testament to the dullness of love. There are intoxicating, beautiful stretches as well as the bleak and weighted moments, but sometimes I think we find ourselves unsure of whether or not someone's love is impacting us. This is the first song that I've really tried to sing on which was stressful but an attempt that gave a lot of release and new confidence for my future works. It also features my friend Sara Terry, aka Silver Sleeves, a rising star and visionary member of the indigenous arts community. I credit her as an influence in the direction of all my recent art and I am thankful to have her voice, whether recorded or conversed.

Any shows coming up?

We are designing many great and innovative events to impact 2018, so keep an eye out for solo shows.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

I've got a RnB style song and video that has received numerous requests for an early release which I'm excited about. Honestly, I'm just happy to celebrate another year with the beautiful people around me.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Singles and new songs all appear on my Soundcloud or Spotify pages. EP's and the like are displayed on the Bandcamp.

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