Meet Celina Sharma, a rising star teasing her debut EP with a new single, Her Wrongs

Meet Celina Sharma, a rising star teasing her debut EP with a new single, Her Wrongs

The Australia-born, UK-based musician will share her debut EP later this year, which includes collabs with Rich The Kid and more.

If you're yet to come across Celina Sharma, then you're missing out on one of Australia's most promising new pop exports for 2021. Now based in the UK, the Australian-born singer has already begun to flirt with a sense of breakthrough success, teaming up with esteemed Indian rapper Emiway Bantai for a cross-continental collaboration that has eclipsed millions of streams and achieved double platinum certification in just two years, demanding her a one to watch status which she has rightfully earned - going as far to be crowned the BBC's Future Sound winner in 2019.

Now, two years later, all eyes remain on Celina Sharma as she approaches the release of her debut EP CECE, scheduled for release on September 3rd. It's an EP that's bound to further her multi-dimensional and genre-varying musicianship, one that brings together cultures and flavours from throughout the world to distil it into one distinct sound unique to Celina Sharma; something that we've already begun to see with the singles that litter her discography already, but something that's bound to be expanded upon with a debut EP.

Her new single Her Wrongs, which came out at the tail-end of last week, showcases exactly what we mean. In a short, just-over-two-minute duration, Celina Sharma is able to bring together the many worlds her music lives in, from twinkling pop choruses and hip-hop-inspired productions to her more soulful and indulgently rich, R&B-inspired vocal, which oozes with the confidence and tall-standing spirit that Celina Sharma brings to everything she releases. It's a song that feels like something special - like Celina Sharma hitting a newfound stride - and with the momentum building up to this moment, it's clear that she's forced to be reckoned with.

"So my first song from my debut EP is about a topic that I think a lot of people can relate to," she says, talking about Her Wrongs. "The lyrics behind the song are about a guy who was in a previous relationship and was cheated on, and because of his past it’s hard for him to trust again, [so] it touches on the negative effects it’s having on his new relationship."

As mentioned, Her Wrongs is the first taste from Celina's forthcoming debut EP, which in addition to being a bit of an introduction to the musician, is also sure to showcase how she's become a go-to collaborator, with guests including Rich The Kid, Stonebwoy, Harris J, and Ivorian Doll set to feature.

That's not coming until September 3rd, however, so in the meantime, take a dive into Her Wrongs below, and introduce yourself to Celina Sharma underneath as she blossoms into an artist worth being across in the second half of 2021.

We know you were formerly in Australia, but have since moved to the UK. How have you found it over there, and how has it changed / shaped your music and career?

Although I miss back home, I’ve learnt so much whilst being in the UK. I’ve definitely gained a better understanding of my sound which helps what kind of music I want to create and what I want to achieve for my career. The UK has provided me so many amazing opportunities which I am so grateful for.

What’s your music like? What does it sound like? What kind of themes does it usually cover?

I would describe my music as culturally diverse, I love to experiment with different sounds from different cultures. Vocally, I would say I’m a fusion of pop with a soulful R&B flavour.

What are your production and writing processes usually like?

Usually, before I go into the studio I have an idea of what kind of vibe I want to create. I might have some references of other existing songs for the type of beat or mood. My writing process varies, sometimes I write about my personal experiences or even write about what someone else is going through and what they’ve experienced, one thing I try to do is stay true to who I am as an artist and to talk about things people can relate to rather than just writing a song to try and get a hit record, the songs I share to the world need to have meaning.

Can you tell us about your latest single, Her Wrongs?

So my first song from my debut EP is about a topic that I think a lot of people can relate to. The lyric behind the song are about a guy who was in a previous relationship and was cheated on, and because of his past it’s hard for him to trust again, it touches on the negative effects it’s having on his new relationship.

It’s a taste of your new EP, coming out soon. What should people expect from that?

It’s an introduction to me. I think each song has its own meaning and own story. I’ve been working on this for over a year now and I’m super excited to finally share what I’ve been creating. In the process of this EP, I’ve really been able to find myself artistically, I’m glad I didn’t rush it as it’s been great learning process.

What do you have planned for 2021?

SOO MUCHHH!! Obviously besides my debut EP coming out later this year. I’ve worked on a single with the amazing Stan Walker whose someone I really look up to, that happened pretty organically where we connected and just sent each other some song ideas which lead to an
amazing song which is being released this year! Also, one of my songs will be featured in the new Marvel movie Eternals, I’m so thrilled to have this opportunity, especially as I’m a huge Marvel fan! I also have other releases planned, collaborating with some exciting artists which I can’t announce just yet :)

Can you share any more info on the Marvel placement?

All I can say is that the film is going to cause a huge cultural moment globally for Asia with some Japanese Anime and Indian Bollywood influences, I have written and performed the song for one of the major scenes in the film, I’m still pinching myself! Very grateful for Chloe Zhao who is the Director for giving me this opportunity!!

What do you want people to take away from your work?

Something that I’d like for people to take away from my work is giving them memories to remember when they listen to one of my songs and to create nostalgic moments. Personally, some of my favourite songs are when I listen back to an old tune filled with memories from the moment I had heard it. Also, I hope people can relate to the lyrics of my songs and that it can help them cope with what they’re going through in life, but also for them to just VIBE and have a good time.

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