Listen to Song From Hell, a breezy tune from LA genre-blenders Peach Tree Rascals

Listen to Song From Hell, a breezy tune from LA genre-blenders Peach Tree Rascals

The Californian collective continue to strive in their multi-facetedness after sharing their debut EP earlier in the year.

It's been a big year for Californian collective Peach Tree Rascals, but it was always going to be. The Los Angeles-based five-piece came into the year off a string of singles that positioned them as an international force to be reckoned with; a genre-moulding collective of artists and musicians that feel synonymous with the DIY ethos of the next generation. It's something they've long strived for in their work - as seen by welcoming a creative director into the band alongside their rappers and producer - but leading into 2021, we saw the fruits of their labour ripe for the picking, and every morsel of music they've put out have been incredibly sweet.

In the last 11 months, however, Peach Tree Rascals have rapidly ascended into one of America's most brilliant and fascinating bands, and one that seems to capture the excitement that exists within this talented legion of newcoming, reckoning acts. Back in March, the group shared their eight-track debut EP Camp Nowhere, which welcomed their blurry sound to the forefront of their image and showcased its versatility through the EP's 20-plus-minute duration. "The EP takes all of the chaos and happiness and depression that we’ve endured since entering the music scene and puts it in musical form," the band told us, as we interviewed them at the top of the year.

Then, in the months since Camp Nowhere's arrival, the band have been quick to follow it up with a string of singles that have their sound and image pointed even further forwards, as they add new dimensions to their sound and continue to experiment with their vision in the process of doing so. In July, that was shown through the AG Club-enlisting Popeye, an indie-rap blend that fuelled a perfect segue into Everywhere, another single which arrived in October. Now, they welcome their third single in Song From Hell - a breezy emphasis on the continued brilliance of Peach Tree Rascals.

"The Peach Tree sound isn’t really going to change drastically, but instead evolve through the years by us becoming better musicians, and by incorporating more instruments such as strings, horns and harp," said the band's producer/mixer Dom Pizano when we chatted last year, and Song From Hell is a single that seems to encapsulate that, moving their sound forwards as they layer it with textures and instrumentation you wouldn't find amongst Camp Nowhere

The final result is this energetic, yet wind-swept combination of indie, hip-hop, electronica and pop that's fused together by Peach Tree Rascals' musicianship; swerving guitar moving underneath the changing vocals of their singers/rappers, who are each respectively adding their own flavours to the Peach Tree Rascals sound as they develop, evolve and experiment in their craft.

It's a tonne of fun, and you can take a dive into the song below - here's hoping their Australian debut isn't too far away.

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