DJ Nino Brown, Arona Mane, Lil Spacely and Kobi Spice link up for Wanna Act Like

DJ Nino Brown, Arona Mane, Lil Spacely and Kobi Spice link up for Wanna Act Like

The multi-genre partnership brings together the up next names in Australian electronic and rap music.

Collaboration is a big part of what makes hip-hop what it is, way back from day-dot - where artists would often battle off in battles and team up in the process - to day, where many artists - Kanye West the most obvious - strive of their collaborational natures; large-scale, big-release records often thick with high-tier collaboration both within and outside of the hip-hop genre. It's something crossing into Australia too, with the next generation of rappers often bouncing ideas of each other to create brilliant works of art amongst career-bests, such as Manu Crooks and his ONEFOUR-featuring latest as a recent example.

Premiering today on Pilerats ahead of its full release later this week, Wanna Act Like is a new single from a combination of Australian hip-hop's brightest and most forward-thinking musicians. On the production, there's DJ Nino Brown (whose name often litters hip-hop lineups as one of the country's most in-demand R&B and rap DJs) and Arona Mane, someone who has come a long, long way since we last met, and is constantly at the cusp of creative 'future-funk'. Then, we have Lil Spacely and Kobi Spice jumping on vocals, two rappers that exemplify Australia's rising rap prowess and the sheer talent held within.

The end result, is a single that bursts out from the get-go and doesn't quite ease up until it finishes almost three-minutes later. Held down by a clanging beat that somehow feels both forward-thinking to present-day's Drill-inspired sound and nostalgic for hip-hop's early, funk-incorporated days, Lil Spacely and Kobi Spice showcase exactly why they're forces to watch in the growing hip-hop world locally, each bringing their signature styles together in a way that makes them blend and fall perfectly into place without losing their individual charms - evidence of a real close-knit partnership that hopefully, in future years, reunites again.

"This was my first time spitting on a drill style beat and I love how it made me switch my flow up to suit. It's so dope to be on a track with Lil Spacely, & I'm super happy to be able to work on a track with Arona Mane & DJ Nino Brown, who's been a long-time supporter of my music," says Kobi on the track, before Lil Spacely continues: "Another great song to work on with Nino Brown to follow up our club single Flex earlier this year, awesome to work on a song with legendary producer Aroma Mane, Nino Brown and Melbourne artist Kobi Spice who slayed her verse."

Dive into the track below:

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