Get to know Sydney crew Triple One, who just released their new EP, The Naughty Corner

Get to know Sydney crew Triple One, who just released their new EP, The Naughty Corner

Coming to abandoned car yard near you very soon.

With their just-released EP The Naughty Corner in the rearview mirror, Sydney hip hop outfit Triple One are ready to shake shit up on the Aussie rap scene. The six-track's lead single Redline Reaper also just copped a pretty great video clip, showcasing a group who didn't come here to fuck spiders. The EP itself is a fantastic collection of six tracks that flips between a few different vibes, from the softer Tarlo and Latex to tougher bangers like opener Blongos and the afforementioned lead single.

We sent the gents a few questions to find a little more, check it all out below:

Tell us about yourselves?

Three emcees and one DJ. Billy’s a producer, Marty’s a rapper, Obi’s a rapper, and Dijon's a condiment that keeps us all stuck together and saucy. We all met a few years ago off the East Coast, sailed down to Sydney on the backs of diamond-encrusted humpback dolphins and blessed the ears of millions with sweet vocal champion.

What kinda tunes we talkin’?

Progressive/alternative hip hop? Trap-influenced beats, but elements of metal, electronic, '80s, '90s, a bit of everything we guess. Lots of sing-a-longs that smell like damp pub carpets. Hard bars, melodic hooks. Sometimes hyper-aggressive, sometimes just sad.

Production/writing process?

Billy cooks the beats in the garage, and everyone just comes back with lyric or concept. We sit around and work on it, usually the hook first, then write verses, rinse and repeat.

Can you tell us about your new EP, The Naughty Corner?

We've had a couple of EP releases before this one, but this is definitely the most cohesive team effort and the best showcase of Triple One. We recorded it on a farm in Tarlo, regional NSW in a studio that doubled as a shearing quarters. We locked ourselves in there for a few days to really get the creative juices/insanity levels flowing. There's six tracks, all different sounds, and our parents even love some of them.

Any shows coming up?

We're playing Get Bodied Festival next weekend with some of the best from underground street rap and grime. We're talking Shadow from Perth, Mitchos Da Menace from West Sydney, ChillinIt, Talakai, Huskii, Lil Sknow and a bunch of others. It's sold out, but maybe you can find a ticket on the interwebs. We're also supporting Inner-West legends Horrorshow at The Lansdowne Hotel on May 9, whatta great honour. Some more shows yet to be announced.

What’s the rest of the year have in store?

Hopefully success, haha. We will be dropping the video for The Naughty Corner track Latex in the very near future, maybe a few more videos, and definitely more new material. Refocusing on recording and getting the best music possible out there in 2018.

Where can we hear more of your music?

Add us to your playlists on Spotify. Come down to a show. Leave us emoji comments on Instagram.

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