Listen: Peach Tree Rascals - Does A Fish Know It’s Wet?

Listen: Peach Tree Rascals - Does A Fish Know It’s Wet?

The collective stay true to their roots whilst embracing their surrounding influences with their fun new EP.

Photo by Edgar Daniels 

From humble beginnings of being based out of a shed in San Jose, California comes indie/surf rock/hip hop hybrid group Peach Tree Rascals. Growing over the past four years into the harmonious unit they are today, the collective of creatives, producers, rappers, singers, and musicians reveal their highly anticipated sophomore EP; Does A Fish Know It’s Wet? 

In the lead up to the 5-track release, we got some insight into what to expect from the collective, as they honed in on their "Rascal Pop" sound in singles Song From Hell (which you can read more about here) and Good Advice (which we also covered a few months ago here). Whilst the release ventures through a myriad of genres sonically, and lyrically tackles a multitude of emotion and themes, what is clear and uniform from start to finish with Does A Fish Know It’s Wet? is how fun it is - the collective translating their passion and energy into something that can be understood and enjoyed by listeners. 

What seems to be quite light-hearted and fun with Does A Fish Know It’s Wet?, actually has quite a deeper meaning for the group, sharing that We came up with the concept of Does a Fish Know It’s Wet? because sometimes we don’t realise the decisions we make regarding our sound and brand are a result of being influenced by the industry (the metaphorical water) around us, hence not understanding if we are “wet” or not. We really resonate with this ‘fish in a tank’ idea that we portrayed through our cover art because we feel we are being put on display for the whole world to see.” continuing “We felt the pressure of having to follow up a song like “Mariposa” and wanted to continue on that path and put out music that was equally as uplifting and upbeat as the track that helped us get our feet in the industry. Through that process, we have learned how to create music that is still authentic to the way we communicate but also attempts to push us into a more ‘commercial’ sound.“

Out now, be sure to soak in the good vibes that Does A Fish Know It’s Wet? radiates - while also digging a little deeper into what Peach Tee Rascals have achieved with the sound of their latest EP below. 

Peach Tree Rascals' new EP Does A Fish Know It’s Wet? is out now via 10K Projects / Virgin Music Australia.

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