Listen: Simone Strauss - naked

Listen: Simone Strauss - naked

Listen to the Naarm-based singer-songwriter’s new single of irresistibly lighthearted yet wistful pop

Having recently relocated from west to east, the now Melbourne-based Simone Strauss follows up her last single Crush with her stripped back, ukulele-led pop anthem that is naked. 

With a composition that perfectly matches Strauss’ vocals, naked slowly builds in energy and tension as the initial ukulele strums give way to a hypnotic drum beat and ethereal synths, all the while keeping Strauss’ vocals front and center. 

Expanding on the inspiration for naked, Simone explains “I found out a friend was cheating on their long term partner and the third party had fallen in love. I was so angry with my friend and frustrated at them both, I initially wanted to channel that disappointment... but then I thought how interesting it could be to write the song from her perspective instead.”

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