Jess Ribeiro and L.A. Mood, good friends and collaborators, interview each other

Jess Ribeiro and L.A. Mood, good friends and collaborators, interview each other

After constantly collaborating with one another, the two bright minds come together - in written form.

If you're yet to be acquainted to either Jess Ribeiro or L.A. Mood, let's get you up to speed. The former is a Melbourne-based musician we've grown to fall in love with over the last six months in particular, moving into the spotlight thanks to a remarkably consistent run of singles capped by the release of a new album, LOVE HATE, back in April. "Over the last ten years, the Melbourne-based musician has blossomed into one of our indie scene's most fascinating and grappling songwriters, proving consistently unpredictable as she steps out of her comfort zone and offers wide versatility and range on every release - a difficult thing to do, but one that promises longevity in an industry where fads seem to disappear as quickly as they come," is how we introduced her and her new video a few weeks back. "Her latest album, April's LOVE HATE, explores her relationship with pop music, intertwining her signature, guitar-backed sound with colourful pop mannerisms that could potentially push her from an underground favourite into a commercial success; a well-earnt achievement considering her status as one of country's most refined and polished names."

The latter, L.A. Mood, is the solo project of Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Dave Mudie, a good friend of Jess Ribeiro's perhaps most recognisable for touring the world with Courtney Barnett, acting as her live drummer. Since his 2017 debut EP Crushing Highs & Amazing Lows, Mudie has grown to become a treasured essential of Melbourne's rock-sided world; a keen collaborator known for his work with Bones Sloane (Courtney Barnett), Gus Rigby (Big Scary) and more, while also releasing his second EP, Breakfast at Sassy's back in May. In it, he moves between sounds and styles, taking notes from many eras of rock music - current-day indie-pop and swirling, 70s psychedelic the most notable - for one distinct sound that is both nostalgic, but incredibly forward-thinking and now

Over the years, the pairing have grown to become close friends and collaborators. For example, on Ribeiro's LOVE HATE, Mudie is credited as the album's drummer, while on Breakfast at Sassy's, Jess acts as a guest vocalist. The two are currently in the midst of big tours - Mudie with Courtney Barnett, Jess Ribeiro supporting Olympia - but they managed to find the time to interview each other, creating a good ol' chat on their respective, recently-released projects, touring, music videos and more. Check it out:

L.A. Mood interviews Jess Ribiero

Hello JRibs, it sure is a blast doing an interview with you, a best friend, a confidant, an extremely talented singer and songwriter! So, tell me all about your new album Love Hate, what inspired the writing process and where and whom did you record it with?

Love Hate are the pearls that came from a break up I went through a couple of years ago. I sketched the demos in your shed in Melbourne, then was lucky enough to have Jade Mcinally (Jade Imagine) and your sweet self come and record in Lytellton, New Zealand, with producer Ben Edwards. It was so much fun. Recording every day like that is bliss. Hell yes.

Word on the street is you have an upcoming tour? Is it true? What’s the haps?

July Aussie tour. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne , Adelaide. A few regional shows too including Thirroul, Bellingen, Rye and Castlemaine.

Unfortunately we can’t go everywhere this time, which is a bummer, but hopefully Spring/Summer.

Who is behind your music clips?

Nick McKinlay. He's a great inspiration to me. It's good to meet artists who work in other mediums and collaborate. Nick is one of the best people I've worked with so far. Radiant, energetic, in the moment and tonnes of fun. I discovered his work because I'm a fan of Julia Jacklin's side project, Phantastic Furniture. I love the music clips which they made with him. I contacted Nick after seeing these and he was open to meeting and working with me. It was a dream come true.

I love your press shot and video for Love Is The Score, who worked with you on that?

Nick worked with me on this. It was our first clip together. I wanted to re-enact Nancy Sinatra's song, "These boots were made for walking", restyling it around tennis shoes instead of boots. It was a group effort with the help of some generous people including Ginger, from Ginger Light hair, a hairstylist in Melbourne who is known for her love of 60's hair do's and her Pomeranian, Marianne. Art director Marni Kornhouessar, and friends Anita OV, and Emily Molinaro.

What do you like to do on the weekend?


If you had to pick 1 food to eat for the rest of your life from the below what would it be: Italian or Mexican?


Jess Ribeiro interviews L.A. Mood

Hey Dave, I’m so excited about your new music project L.A Mood. Where did the name come from?

I guess the name came from a feeling I had when I first went to L.A. with Royston Vasie about seven years ago, I loved the history and the feel of the place and I made everyone drive out to Laurel Canyon with me to see the general store and just soak up the atmosphere and that became my L.A. Mood.

You just released your second EP, Breakfast at Sassy’s through Hotel Motel Records. Sassy’s: is this a real place? Did you really have breakfast at Sassy’s?

Sassy’s is a real place and a fairly famous strip club in Portland. We wrapped up recording very late one night/morning and someone asked where we should go for breakfast and due to licensing laws strip clubs have to serve food in order to operate in Oregon and someone said how about Sassy’s and it was hilarious because that’s the last place you’d ever want to eat breakfast.

Tell me about the making of the EP.

I recorded it over a two-year period in Melbourne and Portland, Oregon and engineered by Collin Hegna from BJM. Lot’s of friends were on it - including you :) I love collaboration and I think it brings out the best aspects in music, you never know which direction a song will take when it’s influenced by another person and I think that’s the most exciting thing about music.

Along with your amazing voice on this EP I’ve collaborated with Bob Harrow (Immigrant Union), James Fleming (Gumboot) Collin Hegna (BJM) Ambrose Kenny-Smith (The Murlocs), Bones Sloane (Courtney Barnett), Fabian Hunter (Baby Blue), Gus Rigby (Big Scary) and Paul Dillon (Mercury Rev).

Your EP launch was a great success. It was packed out and had super nice community vibes. More shows to come?

Yeah, it was the first full-band show I’ve ever done and everyone just fucking killed it, very talented people.

I’m looking at doing a tour in November and will hopefully get in most of the East Coast of Australia then overseas in 2020.

What will you work on next?

Next step is to record my debut album which I’ve started writing. I will probably record it in a week somewhere overseas and hopefully release it in June next year.

Bloody ripper mate, hey, where are you in the world now?

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Barcelona on tour with Courtney Barnett, it’s very beautiful xo

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