Listen: Howevever - The Art of Not Telling Anyone

Listen: Howevever - The Art of Not Telling Anyone

Boorloo-based artist channels Animal Collective meets Jai Paul on new single of indie electronic goodness

Ahead of his sophomore album PHENAKISTOSCOP, set for release very soon, Perth’s Isaac Lee AKA Howevever today drops his latest single of driving, atmospheric, electronic indie pop, in the form of The Art Of Not Telling Anyone.

Combining all manner of bubbling, driving synths and obscure samples with understated drum machines and Lee’s soaring pop vocals, The Art Of Not Telling Anyone originally started as an acoustic composition, before being re-recorded three times to end up as the cut of addictive electronic indie pop it is. 

Howeverer expands on their new single explaining “The Art Of Not Telling Anyone is very self-reflective. I wrote it in late 2021 after I managed to get my heart broken by a girl I had known for like a week and a half. Very embarrassing. So it’s really just about learning from the mistakes I made and figuring out how to work around and improve upon some of my flaws - the main one being that I tend to get unnecessarily emotional about things that don’t matter. One thing I’ve learned is that a lot of people - myself included - mostly just want recognition for the changes they’re making.

So when you plan on making some kind of self improvement and you tell everyone about those plans, then you’ve already got that recognition and now you have no real incentive to go ahead and follow through with the changes. That’s where the name of the song comes from - The Art Of Not Telling Anyone. Just letting everyone see the changes you’ve made for themselves.

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