Watch: Ghost Care - Bussell Hwy

Watch: Ghost Care - Bussell Hwy

The Boorloo trio deliver great energy in their latest roadtrip anthem.

Photo by Howie Ng 

We’re no stranger to Boorloo indie-pop-rock outfit Ghost Care, following them over the past couple of years and getting to know their infectious melodies and undeniably talented musicianship. Today comes the latest release from the trio, a high-energy road trip anthem titled Bussell Hwy, which for those of you who aren't familiar with West Australian roadmaps, is a nod to the stretch of highway which links south west city of Bunbury with the town of Augusta. 

The track oozes with effortless charm, steadily rocking along with sizzling beats, punchy bass, and warm guitars, building to an uplifting chorus that allows the powerful smooth vocals of Beau and Tanaya to soar. On the track the band share “Bussell Hwy is all about the classic road trip! It’s where you’d rather be, and where you need to be and sometimes don’t realize… This song is about convincing your friends, and yourself, to get away from it all and just take a breather. This song is the nostalgia that we need, and the motivation to get back out there. We hope it can be everyone’s new road trip anthem for the future!” 

Along with this sentiment comes the tunes accompanying music video, which stars the band members on the road in WA’s south, seeing the many sights and landmarks, showing off their dance moves, and just being a little goofy in an attempt to raise the spirits of the groups drummer Luke.  

Recently signing with Tiny Triumphs Management, there’s no doubt we’re going to hear a lot more great things from Ghost Care before the year is through - but for now watch the video and feel the great energy that the group has to offer in Bussell Hwy below. 

Ghost Care’s Bussell Hwy is out now.


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