Premiere: Meet Majak Door, who make gentle surf-rock with Will She Leave You

Premiere: Meet Majak Door, who make gentle surf-rock with Will She Leave You

After a few years spent finding their sound with break-through releases, the Melbourne group reach a new peak with their latest.

For a band that have only been around a short while, Majak Door have been quick to pack out their discography with brilliance. In 2017, they made their debut with the sparkling entrance in Big Salad, followed by a string of singles that eventually led to the release of an eight-track collection of songs titled Weird Guy in 2018. In 2019, they followed it up with a three-peat of tracks bundled as 3fer, while later on they shared another longer-form release with the five-track Samples from the Solar System, which emerged at the year's end and set them up for a big 2020 ahead.

With the rollercoaster attitude of the last ten months, things may not have exactly happened how initially planned, but that hasn't stopped the Melbourne-based six-piece (!) from continuing to refine their sound, and offer introductory snapshots to their craft in the process. They started their year with the wind-swept Everybody Wants You and then followed it up with a guitar-tinged take on Music Sounds Better With You - a moment that really showed that the group aren't just your stock-standard surf-rock group, and are instead one that aren't afraid to move into the realms of pop.

That's something that really shines on their latest single Will She Leave You, which premieres on Pilerats today ahead of its official release on October 9th and with it, comes the group finding a new peak. The song is a real testament to Majak Door's knack for bringing together these summer-y, sun-soaked guitars you'd expect from the surf-y groups they're influenced by with this rich pop core; the end result being something that floats between fluttering surf-rock and lo-fi indie, held together by these hazy hooks that really feel built for a ocean-lined festival stage.

It's playful and fun without the abrasiveness that often hinders traditional surf-rock from finding new paths outside of its current realm, showcasing Majak Door's brilliance in breathing new life into an old favourite sound - even if it wasn't recorded how they're exactly used to. "This track differed from the last single in that we were forced to work from home rather than in the studio," the group explain on the track. "We tracked the drums at our home studio and sent each other bits and pieces to finish off our parts. This approach will now be a big part in the way we approach our recording from now on as we look to broaden our recording and mixing skills."

Either way, the end result is brilliant, and if it's going to influence how they look and approach recording their next work, we have a feeling that Majak Door's new peak is something that's going to be hanging around for a while.

The song officially comes out on Friday, but in the meantime, take a dive into its exclusive premiere below, alongside a chance to better introduce yourself to the group as they find their sound:

Tell us about yourself?

We’re a surf/indie band, made up of a bunch of guys from all over the shop! We all met each other at different times along our individual journeys’ in the Melbourne music scene, and we’ve managed to come together and really glue together nicely. We all absolutely love playing live, and we’re chomping at the bit to see the live scene in Melbourne kickback into gear.

What’s the ‘vibe’ music-wise?

We’re certainly grounded in a very live-friendly brand of surf rock, but to be honest, we all bring a slice of broad style that allows us to write songs that could easily be put into different genres. Internally, we really admire bands that flirt with many genres, bands like King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. It really represents a passion for music as a whole, something that we identify with strongly.

What are your production and writing processes usually like?

There’s no one-way street we take, but certainly the majority of producing comes from recording demos individually. We’re all pretty decent when it comes to recording at home with a laptop, so it’s quite cool when someone sends an almost finished demo to the rest of the band. We reckon it’s a much better way to pitch the song as a whole concept, rather than strum a very bare idea out at band practice.

Can you tell us a bit about your new single, Will She Leave You?

We’re super keen to get this one out! It definitely has a softer, easy-listening dream pop type vibe about it. We had a good time laying down some Plums-style lead riffs, Plums being a band that we certainly reach for when it comes whipping out the dream-pop melodies. It was mixed by local legend Daniel Caswell from Alamo Studios, so sonic-wise, it was certainly in good hands.

What does the rest of 2020 have in store for you?

Fingers crossed we can get back on stage at some point, hey! The moment we’re given the green light, we’re going to jump straight back in. We really want to get our favourite venues alive and kicking too, it’s been hard to see some places close the doors for good. The arts are what makes Melbourne, and life in general, rich and exciting, and we know we’ll find our way back.

What do you want people to take away from the project?

We just want people to have a good time, to have a boogie, and to feel good after listening/seeing us live. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and we have such a fun time just hanging out with each other, talking shit, and jamming, and we just want to extend that kind of stuff to anybody who enjoys listening to us. We’re grateful as, and good things like this don’t last forever.

Where can we find more of your music?

You’ll be able to find it anywhere good online, whatever your flavour is. Spotify seems to be the weapon of choice for most listeners, hopefully Mr. Spotify CEO is happy to lend out a sweeter slice of the pie! Haha just kidding (but not really).


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