Sounds From Playlist Updates - 14/06/16

Sounds From Playlist Updates - 14/06/16

The best new Aussie music from all over the country.

Sounds From... is based on the simple idea that it's kinda hard to search for music by its location. Starting Aussie, we made up Spotify playlists that are sorted by state, and housed only the best new music coming out of each area over the course of the past year(ish). The response so far has been great, whether it be people who love their home-state and the unique sounds coming out of it, or bands and booking agents who are looking to head into new territories and need support acts in those areas. We've been updating it regularly, but consider this a little round up of the most recent new music. If we've missed something, LET US KNOW:

Check out the lists below, or GO DIRECT to all the playlists on Spotify and get following!



Super Magic Hats - Transpose

Gabriella Cohen - Feelin' Fine

Tully on Tully - Cold Hands

SAATSUMA - Floating

Alex Lahey - Let's Go Out

Kalacoma - Kaleidoscoper

Romeo Moon - Walking

Aeora - Medicine

Stina Tester & Cinta Masters - Deep Sleep

Self Talk - Clean Washing

Mitsunami - Paradark

Slowcoaching - Night Fiction

The Delta Riggs - Surgery Of Love

Alex Lahey - Let's Go Out

Tim Wheatley - 78 Benz

Smoke Rings - Rose Coloured Glasses

Benny Walker - Oh No You Don't

Thando - Something

On Diamond - Long Road

Tourist Dollars - Ageless

Ulysses Wulf - Tenderkill


Sian Evans - Cold Feet

Arthur Wimble - It Breaks

Bugs - Instant Coffee

Fieu - Impossible

Majella - Heaven Sent

Moses Gunn Collective - New Romantic Novocaine

Yuuca - Into Deep

Alice Night - Curious Child

Velcro Raptor - Dreams (feat. Rohin Jones)

iiiConic - Changes

The Francis Wolves - Oh So L.A.

BAYNK - About Me

Ball Park Music - Nihilist Party Anthem

Death Club 7 - Awake

Mid Ayr - Vampires

MKO Sun - Boom Pow!

Good Boy - Poverty Line

Mary Handsome - No Hot No More


Dappled Cities - That Sound

Big White - Whatever Happens In The Night

The Gooch Palms - Ask Me Why

DANAH - Let Me Go

Alex the Astronaut - Holes in the Story

Middle Kids - Edge of Town

Wild Honey - Pull It Together

Bad Moon Born - Promised Land

Hein Cooper - Rusty

Emma Russack - If You Could See Me Now

With Confidence - Voldemort

Sarsha Simone - Casualty

Hedge Fund - What You're Hiding


Great Gable - Taste

Priority One - Zombie

Human Buoy - Period Of Maximum Excitability

Them Sharks - Hive Mind


Wasted Wanderers - In Your Fire

How Green - Beyond Reason

Rod Ladgrove - How Many Times

Horror My Friend - PB Remains

Brokers - Curious Sleep


Calypso Brown - Numbered

Zeolite - Astringent

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