Sounds From Playlist Update - 12/08/16

Sounds From Playlist Update - 12/08/16

Another solid selection of Australian music added to our ever growing library of Sounds From

Sounds From... is based on the simple idea that it's kinda hard to search for music by its location. Starting Aussie, we made up Spotify playlists that are sorted by state, and housed only the best new music coming out of each area over the course of the past year(ish). The response so far has been great, whether it be people who love their home-state and the unique sounds coming out of it, or bands and booking agents who are looking to head into new territories and need support acts in those areas. We've been updating it regularly, but consider this a little round up of the most recent new music. If we've missed something, LET US KNOW:

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Abraham Tilbury - Morphine

Aeora - Afloat

Ben Wright Smith - Sand Grabber

Dallas Frasca - Wasting Time

Dumb Punts - Put A Sock In It

Fan Girl - NoLita

FERLA - I Can't Let You Down

Fire to the Stars - Wholesale Slaughter

Gretta Ray - Drive

Harts - Power

jade imagine - Stay Awake

Jarrow - $$ Spoilers $$

Marcus - Toast

Ocean Grove - Lights On Kind Of Lover

Phia - Open/Closed

Pridelands - Coalesce

Residual - All For You

Sarsha Simone - Casualty

Smoke Rings - Rose Coloured Glasses

Soft Corporate - Boats

stonefox - Dreamstate

Teeth & Tongue - Turn, Turn, Turn

Templar - Pro Bono

The  Ocean Party - Back Bar

The Pretty Littles - Sleeping In Water

Tiny Giants  - Suicide

Vincent Sole - Don't Waste My Time

Woodlock - The Only Ones


Amela - Better Off

Amy Shark  - Adore

Asha Jefferies - Honey, Save Me From My Falsehoods

Audio Novella - Taurus

BANFF x Caitlin Park - My Love, My Lover

Bearfoot - Dreamer

Beth Lucas - Blindfold

Born Joy Dead - Sourdough

cln - Mist

Dorsal Fins - Sedated

mallrat - Tokyo Drift

Miss Pompeii - Haru Haiku

MORETON - The Water

Sans Parents - Dead End

Simple Things - Glider Pilots

Varcity. - My Touch


Ball Park Music - Whipping Boy

Betty & Oswald - Schmuck

Billy Fox - Avalanche

Caravãna Sun - Open Up

Carla Wehbe - Electric Field

CJ Hooper - Need To Know

ELKI - Thunder

EX-CASSETTE - Hollywood Romance

Harry Heart - Baby Calm Down

Holy Balm - Fashion

Hot Spoke - Outlines

IVY - Leave Your Man at Home

Jack R Reilly - Title Dictates Behaviour

Jake Meadows - Lost Entitlement

Jenny Broke the Window - Skinny Dip

Julia Jacklin - Leadlight

Lilie Tyler - STAY

Mount Zamia - Lazamia

Port of Spain - Blind

Rackett - Bats

Rainbow Chan - Work

Ross Henry - The Deep

Skegss - My Face

The Laurels - Reentry

The Tambourine Girls - The Tambourine Girl

Trophy Eyes - Chlorine

True Vibenation - Dressed To Chill

What So Not x GTA - Feel It (feat. Tunji Ige)

Yon Yonson - Berlin

Waza - Bad Teeth


Josh Johnstone - Brave Tin Soldiers

Marksman Lloyd  - Seven Laps

Neda - Prehistoric Love

OPIA - Still Standing

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Cornflake

Stillwater Giants - Munich

The Kill Devil Hills - Hydra


Bec Stevens - Time It Takes

Lost Woods - Vodka Ocean

Rod Ladgrove - How Many Times

The Hard Aches - Glad That You're Gone

The Winter Gypsy - Took Me By

Thom Lion - November


Save The Clock Tower - White Cross

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