Watch YABBY HUNTERZ - a new bit from Damo & Darren's Michael Cusack

Watch YABBY HUNTERZ - a new bit from Damo & Darren's Michael Cusack

A return to form for the YouTube hero?

From the warped mind of Michael Cusack, who you may remember from such animated masterpieces as Damo & Darren 1, 2 and 3, comes a new adventure in weird af YouTube animations - YABBY HUNTERZ. What you get is what's in the title, a couple of lads hunting yabbies. And then mutilating them. Not sure what yabbies did to deserve this, but there ya go.

Look, you're not gonna get any smarter watching this, but it's a nice two-and-a-half minute distraction for your day.

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